Athletic Eligibility

Athletic Forms

All student athletes must have their Athletic Medical Release and Code of Conduct on file with the Athletics Office to participate on a GRACE athletic team. Forms are valid for one calendar year. All athletics forms may be accessed via

Maintaining Athletic Eligibility

The GRACE Athletic Department has a program designed to support our student athletes in academics by helping them be successful in the classroom as well as in the athletic arena.  The program is in place for all athletes and is a supportive system.

Athletes are expected to put forth their personal best in the classroom, maintaining no less than a 2.0 GPA with no F’s. At the end of first semester, eligibility will be assessed on second quarter grades, or first semester grades, whichever is the highest score. Grade checks will be made each Friday at 8:00 a.m. starting the Friday after 10 days of school. At the beginning of a new quarter, only ineligible students will be checked on the first Friday.  Athletes who fall below a 2.0 GPA or have an F will be on academic probation the first offense and if next grade check shows failing grades, the athlete will be placed on ineligibility. See academic probation and ineligibility details below.

A student-athlete will not be penalized for being late or missing practice if they are in an academic help session.

Academic Probation

  • A student will be put on probation if failing one or more classes
  • Probation length shall be one week following grade check, the athlete can still participate in practices and scheduled competitions
  • If Friday grade check shows no failing grades, student is off probation
  • If grade check shows failing grades, the athlete is ineligible (see ineligibility)



  • Ineligibility begins the Friday following the first week of probation if grade check still shows failing grades
  • Students cannot participate in practice, travel, or in athletic contests for one full week and until Friday grade check reveals no failing grades
  • Students on ineligibility are required to attend two help sessions per week
  • Once the student has attended two help sessions and has received two signatures confirming help session attendance, they may be eligible to play if the Friday grade check shows no failing grades in any class
  • Students will continue the two help sessions followed by a grade check for each week they remain ineligible until no more failing grades appear on the grade check
  • Students may be ineligible only three times per sport before they must forfeit their participation on the team for the season

For students participating in the LEAP program, if the student qualifies for a modified level of instruction or modified curriculum and has no outstanding assignments, an exception may be made.  Athletic Directors will discuss individual cases with the LD specialist and school principals.