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May 19, 2020 | Amazing GRACE

The above “Together at Home” art put together by our talented GRACE 6th graders!


Lower Campus Students: The TK-6 summer reading list is available. You can get copies in different formats (audio, video, ebooks & print). Check here to see what format is available from the library, online, & stores.

Also, we are offering parents an online book fair, but instead of the profits going to GRACE, we’re passing along the savings to our families. You will get a 12% discount and the books will be shipped directly to your house. A $10 minimum order is required, but shipping is free if the order is over $20. Instructions: Click here for access to the online book fair and create a parent account. Click on parent and enter school code GCSR1. Now start shopping or go to TK6 Summer Reading List (go to lists partway down the page, click on green button). Select summer reading and click on the title you want. Enter coupon code GB2020 to receive a 12% discount.

Upper Campus Students: Students are encouraged to choose ANY book of interest and read it over the summer. Be prepared to discuss the book in August. (See specific notes for AP classes at the bottom of the Summer Reading list.)

For those students who are looking for book suggestions, the Summer Reading List provides recommended authors and titles for each grade level. If you need more ideas, our media specialist can help you choose a book that’s right for you. Just send an email to Mrs. Wingerd at  

Most of the titles on the reading list can be purchased from Bedford Falls,, Barnes and Noble, and Amazon. Ebooks or audiobooks may be available through Wake County Public Library. If you live in Wake County and don’t have a Wake County library card, you can request a temporary card here. Surrounding counties have similar programs available. 


Congratulations to our students who placed in this year’s ACSI Creative Writing Festival:

Claire Dayton, 4th Grade, Superior Award for Short Story, Sky

Calise Graham, 5th Grade, Superior Award for Short Story, The Boy and the Fleury

Walker Hawley, 5th Grade, Superior Award for Poem, The Beach

Jack Hairr, 5th Grade, Excellent Award for Poem, The Beach

Elise Hardy, 6th Grade, Superior Award for Poem, Raindrops

Kate McKinley, 7th Grade, Superior Award for Short Story, Flowers for the Dead

Elle Robinson, 8th Grade, Superior Award for Poem, It’s Due

Stella Giuggio, 10th Grade, Excellent Award for Short Story, A Strange New Town

Grayson Nico, 11th Grade, Excellent Award for Poem, 10:15


Mr. Whelpley is excited to announce the 2020-2021 Upper Campus Chaplains are Levi Thorne, Kaden Sigmon, Stefon McLeod, and Elizabeth Herring (Chaplain in Training).  


GRACE families – does your place of employment offer internships? Want a neat way to give back to the GRACE community while also helping your business? Consider participating in our GRACE Senior Internship Program. Find out more by clicking here or by emailing Laura Jacobs at


THURSDAY PICK-UP/DROP-OFF: Please refer to the emails sent last week by Dr. Morris (Lower Campus) and Mrs. Gill (Upper Campus) regarding timing and procedures for Thursday.

Summer of Spiritual Development

One of the blessings of attending a school like GRACE is the opportunity for students to receive instruction and guidance in both academic and spiritual growth. With the summer quickly approaching, students will get a break from their academics. However, it is the perfect opportunity to continue their spiritual development with unique and special experiences at home and across the Triangle area.

Spiritual development is the process in which God uses events and circumstances in our lives to help us grow to be more like Christ. It is a life-long process. Though children at different ages go through specific developmental stages, spiritual development can be a separate process altogether. In this process, however, pride, jealousy, and selfishness begin to fade away and humility, gentleness, and compassion begin to take their place.

Regardless of your children’s ages or stages of spiritual maturity, there are a number of ways to help your child grow this summer.

Summer Camps

Allow your child to spread their wings and independently create foundational experiences. Summer camps, day camps or sleep-away camps, are great options. Many local camps also include a spiritual component. Connecting and growing alongside other believers can help kids build comradery and confidence. Fun 4 Raleigh Kids has a listing of local camps. Their website is a great resource to find a suitable camp for your child.

And did you know that GRACE also hosts its own Summer Camp with the option for either full or half day? We’ll even be holding Virtual Summer Camps this June in an effort to comply with state guidelines.


In the Bible, Jesus often references the power of serving others. He even demonstrates this sort of humility in the way that he washed the disciples’ feet, fed the multitudes, and ultimately, died on the cross for our sins.

Serving connects you to others, allows you to use your gifts, and can also be really fun! Summer is a great time for students to use their extra time to serve others through volunteer opportunities. Not only does it help others, but it also teaches humility, selflessness, and kindness. and are excellent resources to find local places to volunteer.

Family Time

During summer break, there are more opportunities to spend time as a family. The family unit can often be one of the most influential sources of spiritual growth and formation in a child. As a family, continue to attend church services regularly. Eat family meals together and talk about the highs and lows of the day. Travel and explore new places together. Do a Bible study or devotion together that will allow for conversations about real-world situations your kids might face.

Being purposeful in the events and experiences your kids have during their summer break will help foster their spiritual development and continue to positively shape them on their journey through life.

May 12, 2020 | Amazing GRACE


Last Friday we released a new marketing video that shares all about the moments we experience at GRACE. Make sure you check it out!


Congratulations to the 78 students from grades 3-12 who placed in the 2020 ACSI Art Festival. This year’s festival was canceled, but the artworks had already been judged before COVID-19 closed the school buildings. 

GRACE student artworks earned: four Good Awards, nine Excellent Red Ribbon Awards, eighteen Superior Blue Ribbon Awards, and eight Best of Show Awards for perfect scores from every judge in every category. 

GRACE 3rd-6th grade student artworks earned: eighteen Good Awards, thirteen Excellent Red Ribbon Awards, six Superior Blue Ribbon Awards, and one Best of Show.

See blog post for more. Congratulations GRACE art Students!


GRACE families – does your place of employment offer internships? Want a neat way to give back to the GRACE community while also helping your business? Consider participating in our GRACE Senior Internship Program. Find out more by clicking here or by emailing Laura Jacobs at


Mrs. Boyd wants to say THANK YOU to so many GRACE families for ordering strawberries over the last two weeks! It looks like the season is winding down, so she will not have strawberries available next Saturday but may have a limited number to bring to GRACE this Wednesday evening, 5/13. Please email if interested.



Mr. Whelpley will be holding chapel live on our Social Media channels. Upper Campus chapel will be on Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. on Instagram Live and Lower Campus chapel will be held on Fridays at 9 a.m. on Facebook Live.


It’s not too late to a 2019-2020 yearbook! You can still place your order by going to and searching for GRACE Christian Raleigh. Can’t remember if you ordered a yearbook? Email and she can check for you! If you plan to order a yearbook, we would greatly appreciate it if your order could be placed by May 20. It will make the distribution much easier if they have all come in through the Jostens website, and we aren’t trying to deal with cash payments through car windows. We have about 60 left in our supply, so order soon.

Also, despite the challenging circumstances of COVID-19, the yearbook signing tradition continues! This May, Jostens is introducing a digital yearbook signing platform that provides students with a fun and interactive experience that results in a printable permanent keepsake. The platform is scheduled to go live on May 15th – we’ll send the link out once it’s live.


Donuts for Dads: Join us for a time of devotion and fellowship. We will begin at 7:30 a.m. and be done by 8 a.m. All GRACE dads are invited to join us via Google hangout:

Join by video –

Join by phone – +1 224-858-8324‬ PIN: ‪155 140 710‬#


We had so much fun seeing our families during the drive-thru teacher appreciation parades!


We are looking for short videos of your students during Virtual Learning! If you have one you’d like to share, please email it to

2020 ACSI Art Festival Winners

Congratulations to the 78 students from grades 3-12 who placed in the 2020 ACSI Art Festival. This year’s festival was canceled, but the artworks had already been judged before COVID-19 closed the school buildings. 

GRACE Upper Campus student artworks earned: four Good Awards, nine Excellent Red Ribbon Awards, eighteen Superior Blue Ribbon Awards, and eight Best of Show Awards for perfect scores from every judge in every category.

GRACE 3rd-6th grade student artworks earned: eighteen Good Awards, thirteen Excellent Red Ribbon Awards, six Superior Blue Ribbon Awards and one Best of Show.

Congratulations GRACE art Students!

2020 ACSI Artworks for grades 7-12

Azamar, Kiara – abstract foam carving – SUPERIOR
Ballance, Tanner – bottle top tree – SUPERIOR
Bradley, Amelia – digital art self-portrait – BEST OF SHOW
Cabaniss, Lauren – self-portrait – EXCELLENT
Carlson, Melanie – mountains silk circle – SUPERIOR
Chapman, Payton – flower select color photograph – BEST OF SHOW
DeBruhl, Sophia – mask – EXCELLENT
Fontaine, Taylor – candle photograph – GOOD
Giuggio, Stella – candy colored pencil drawing – EXCELLENT
Glenn, Mia – favorite movies word art – EXCELLENT
Grinstead, Lexi – dog bottle top sculpture – EXCELLENT
Hakovirta, Armas – raindrop photograph – GOOD
Hendges, Koen – glass fused dish – EXCELLENT
Hudson, Michelle – paper quilling – SUPERIOR
Jia, Vivian – waterlily pastel drawing – SUPERIOR
Johnson, Ana – flower design – SUPERIOR
Kholobayev, Anastasia – abstract foam carving – SUPERIOR
Kyritsis, Ryan – gradient city design – SUPERIOR
Laakso, Haley – triangle 80’s design – SUPERIOR
Lin, Jane – waterlily pastel drawing – EXCELLENT
McDowell, Ellie – watercolor photograph- GOOD
McNutt, Zachary – science pattern design – EXCELLENT
Meeson, Kate – watercolor self-portrait – SUPERIOR
Meeson, Zoe – string art – SUPERIOR
Mendez, Ava – seahorse silk circle – BEST OF SHOW
Poprocki, Ava – candy colored pencil drawing – SUPERIOR
Poprocki, Isaac – glass fused dish – SUPERIOR
Robinson, Elle- glass fused dish – SUPERIOR
Robinson, Lee – watercolor painting – BEST OF SHOW
Roycroft, Julia – corn photograph – BEST OF SHOW
Russell, Madison – mixed media self-portrait – BEST OF SHOW
Saenz, Samantha – mixed media self-portrait – SUPERIOR
Sharda, Rebecca – Einstein pen & ink drawing – SUPERIOR
Swecker, Hannah – spray paint self-portrait – BEST OF SHOW
Taylor, Jacob – mask – SUPERIOR
Tessneer, Leah Beth – fair photograph – EXCELLENT
Till, Jonathan – milkshake/shave cream photograph – BEST OF SHOW
Wingerd, Caroline – mixed media self-portrait – GOOD
Wingerd, Lauren – string art – SUPERIOR

2020 ACSI Artworks for grades 3-6

Arledge, Avery — Monochromatic Winter Painting – GOOD
Armstrong, Elise — “Falling for Foreshortening” – EXCELLENT
Barnes, Kennedy — Colorful Animal Portrait – BEST IN SHOW
Barry, Madison — Colorful Animal Portrait – EXCELLENT
Bradley, Audrey — Monochromatic Winter Painting – GOOD
Broadwell, Michael — NC Wildlife Drawing – EXCELLENT
Brooks, Bee — NC Wildlife Drawing – EXCELLENT
Bynum, Kylie — Monochromatic Winter Painting – EXCELLENT
Clugston, Bauer — Monochromatic Winter Painting – GOOD
Crow, Vivi — NC Wildlife Drawing – EXCELLENT
Dayton, Claire — Faux Stained Glass – SUPERIOR
Gausmann, Matthew — Impressionist landscape – SUPERIOR
Graham, Mira — Impressionist landscape – GOOD
Hairr, Jack — Monochromatic Winter Painting – EXCELLENT
Hardy, Elise — Candy Cane Drawing – EXCELLENT
Harris, Jordan — Colorful Animal Portrait – GOOD
Hawley, Walker — Self-Portrait with Sunglasses – GOOD
Holland, Veda — Faux Stained Glass – GOOD
Kemp, Lorelei — NC Wildlife Drawing – EXCELLENT
Kittelson, Elijah — Colorful Animal Portrait – SUPERIOR
Lanning, Zane — NC Wildlife Drawing – GOOD
McMillan, Emerson — Faux Stained Glass – GOOD
Meredith, Anna — Colorful Animal Portrait – EXCELLENT
Olaitan, Loveth — NC Wildlife Drawing – GOOD
O’Rourke, Anabelle — Impressionist landscape – GOOD
Pietz, Hudson — NC Wildlife Drawing – GOOD
Plantan, Sloan — Monochromatic Winter Painting – GOOD
Powell, Lily — Colorful Animal Portrait – SUPERIOR
Quirk, Eden — Monochromatic Winter Painting – GOOD
Ritter, Ella — Colorful Animal Portrait – EXCELLENT
Savage, Wyatt — Self-Portrait with Sunglasses – GOOD
Schwindt, Adilyn — Colorful Animal Portrait – GOOD
Shibley, Grace — “Falling for Foreshortening” – EXCELLENT
Smith, Dillon — Candy Cane Drawing – SUPERIOR
Solomon, Micah — Monochromatic Winter Painting – GOOD
Stephens, Anna — Faux Stained Glass – GOOD
Taylor, Zachary — Impressionist landscape – SUPERIOR
Vercellino, Addison — Impressionist landscape – EXCELLENT
Woodworth, Caralyn — Monochromatic Winter Painting – GOOD

Ready for Kindergarten!

Kindergarten. It’s hard to believe the moment has come. Your sweet son or daughter is taking his or her first step on the journey towards becoming an independent, creative, well-adjusted individual. But is your child ready for kindergarten?

You might be surprised, but the answer isn’t all about academics. It’s also about developing physical, social and emotional skills that set the stage for learning.

There are four main areas—The Four Pillars of Readiness—you can work on to help your child be ready for kindergarten.

Social and Emotional Maturity

The most important step toward kindergarten readiness is indicated by a child’s social and emotional maturity. Below are some ways to develop this valuable skill:

  • Allow opportunities for your child to confidently separate from you
  • Teach your child to take turns and share
  • Encourage your child to explore new things and be around new people
  • Help your child value him or herself while also valuing others
  • Model how to talk about feelings and frustrations with words and appropriate reactions

Independence and Self-Care

The transition to kindergarten will be easier for both your child and the teacher if the child is practiced in taking care of him or herself. Start showing your child how to be proficient in the following areas:

  • Getting dressed independently, including jackets, gloves, etc.
  • Using the bathroom confidently, including re-dressing and using proper hygiene
  • Opening and closing food containers
  • Cleaning up after activities

Literacy and Numeracy Development

Though your child does not need to be reading or counting to 100 before setting foot in a kindergarten classroom, knowing some basics can help build a strong foundation. Here are some tips for creating this solid start:

  • Expose your child to literacy basics—read books regularly, teach the alphabet song, help with identifying letters, show how to correctly hold a book, play rhyming games, have a conversation together
  • Practice numeracy basics—identify numbers, teach the concept of more or less, count to ten, practice counting while touching each object
  • Allow for basic concept analysis—teach basic shapes, practice sorting, play with patterns, discuss same and different attributes

Motor Skills

A day in kindergarten will use both your child’s fine motor skills (hands-on tasks) and gross motor skills (physical activity). Maintain a balance of all motor skills by doing some of the following activities:

  • Fine motor practice—trace lines and shapes, hold a pencil properly, pick up small objects, learn to cut and glue
  • Gross motor practice—bounce and/or catch a ball, jump on one or two feet, run and skip, walk backward

With some purposeful and fun interaction, your child will be well on his or her way to kindergarten success!

To see how GRACE can help your child grow, check out our Four Pillars of Kindergarten Readiness resource. Also, make sure you follow GRACE on Facebook to see all the fun your student has in store!

Senior Drop-Offs

Even though we can’t be together in person, we can still celebrate our seniors – from a social distance! Our staff enjoyed dropping off Senior Signs and cap and gowns to our amazing GRACE Class of 2020.

GRACEVLE Enrichments: Week 2

Thanks to all who are sending in pictures of the fun things your students are working on during our time of Virtual Learning!

Check out a few of the pictures we received from last week.

At-Home Family Fun Resources

As promised, below are some additional resources that we hope may be helpful as you’re looking for fun activities for your child to explore during downtime.

Art Resources

  • MetKids: The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a dedicated kids section on its website, complete with videos, an interactive map, and a “time machine” that brings the viewer to different art pieces in the museum.
  • The Art Assignment: Weekly PBS videos, hosted by curator Sarah Urist Green, that explore art and history.
  • Google Arts & Culture: Explore different works of art, famous places, and more in Google’s interactive space online.
  • Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems: Doodle along with beloved children’s book author Mo Willems.

Zoo + Outdoor Webcams and Tours

Educational Resources

  • Scholastic: The company put many of its educational lessons and resources online for free, including online books and activities.
  • Crash Course and Crash Course Kids: Educational video lessons on everything from space and science to mythology and literature.
  • Club SciKidz: Activities and videos for kids on topics in science and math, including daily science experiments.
  • Carmen Sandiego: Download the free printables to solve word puzzles and unscramble secret messages by answering questions about geography.
  • Ranger Rick: The website is free to all visitors through the end of June.  
  • Mystery Science: The website’s most popular science lessons are available for free.
  • Beanstalk: The company is offering its interactive kids classes for free.

More Resources

  • NASA: NASA has hundreds of photos and videos of planets, space, and more, available to view for free.
  • The Deep Sea: Scroll to the very bottom of the ocean with the help of this interactive visual about the deep sea.
  • ScratchJr: Kids can create their own interactive stories and games.
  • America’s Test Kitchen: Recipes and activities are available for kids for free.

Get Moving

  • Les Mills: Born to Move workouts – designed for kids!
  • GoNoodle: Free movement and mindfulness videos created for kids.

GRACEVLE Week 1: Artwork

Our GRACE students are having a blast working on their at-home art assignments. Check out their work below!