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#WhatsUpAtGRACE July 26, 2019

Welcome back! We hope that our GRACE family has had a wonderful summer break and that you are able to enjoy these final weeks before returning to school.

There are several events that happen right after we return to school, so we wanted to let you know what those were. The July 25, 2019 “Back-to-School” Edition of #WhatsUpAtGRACE has dates, details and links for the following activities/events:

  • Orientation for all new upper campus studentson August 12th
  • All-School Meet & Greet on August 12th
  • Auditions for the Fall Play on August 15th & 16th
  • All-School Back to School Bash on August 16th
  • First day of hot lunch on August 22nd

In addition, it is also the time of year when you will need to fill out a few forms. We are actively looking at ways to move away from paper and make this process completely electronic in the future, but for this year, we ask for your grace and patience as you print, fill out, and turn in the required. forms. All forms are linked in the newsletter and also available on the Handbook & Forms page in the School Life section of the GRACE website.

We also encourage you to keep up to date with all future events by consulting the GRACE Calendar.

Back-to-School Bash!

Everyone’s invited! Mark your calendar for fun fellowship on the first Friday night of the school year (August 16th) starting at 5:30 at the GRACE Athletic Field. This Hawaiian-themed event will take place before (and during) the home football game against the Wayne Christian Eagles and will feature inflatables, face painting, food trucks, games, Mimi the clown, and more!

Are you available to help make this event run smoothly? If so, check out the Volunteer Sign-up today!

Printable Back-to-School Flyer 2019

Class of 2019 and Class of 2030

To the class of 2019: Congratulations on your tremendous accomplishments; we pray for God to continue to illuminate the path in front of you as you begin the next chapter of your life. To the class of 2031: Pursue your dreams, be open to new ideas, and follow where God leads you!

Video: Seniors and Kindergartners talk about their future plans


The Senior Sidekick program at GRACE is one of our beloved traditions. Members of the kindergarten and 12th grade classes do monthly activities throughout the year culminating in a graduation-themed cap and gown photo session!


PTF Spring Events – Save the Date!

City Barbeque Spirit Night, April 29, 2019

Take the day-off from cooking! City BBQ is generously hosting an all-day GRACE Spirit event where every meal purchased by a GRACE supporter (just show your flyer and have them scan the barcode!) GRACE will receive a 25% donation of the total cost!

Kona Ice at Field Day, May 3, 2019

Kona Ice will be part of our Field Day festivities for all TK-5th grade students.  We will be collecting $3 from each student.  Forms will come home in your child’s folder the week of April 23rd. 7th-12th grade students will have the option to purchase Kona Ice during their lunch.  Kona Ice has dye-free, gluten-free and sugar-free options. 

Parent Summer Luau, May 15, 2019

GRACE Parents deserve some fun too!  Come join PTF to celebrate the end of the school year.  We provide breakfast while you relax and enjoy catching up with friends before school is out for the summer.  An Eventbrite and Signup will come out after the break with more details!

School Supply Purchase Program, May 2019

PTF has a new school supply partner.  We are happy to provide you with the opportunity to order your child’s school supplies for next year without ever leaving home.  Our new partner 1stDay School Supplies provides all name brand, quality products.  Be on the lookout for more information in the coming weeks.

Printable PTF Save The Dates Flyer

ACSI Math Olympics Results

GRACE students had a successful day at the ACSI Math Olympics.  All of the GRACE students did their best and represented our school well; we are proud of all 36 of our students. A special shout-out to the following students who placed in the top five of their grade/category:

  • 3rd grade: Computation – 4th place, Finn Rassette
  • 4th grade: Computation – 1st place, Gold Medal Winner, Aurora Harris
  • 5th grade: Computation – 5th place, Jimmy Maciarello
  • 5th grade: Reasoning –  2nd place, Elise Hardy
  • 6th grade: Reasoning – 5th place, Sage Collier
  • 6th grade: Reasoning – 3rd place, Bryce Pearman
  • 7th grade: Computation –  5th place, Anna Garrett
  • 7th grade: Reasoning – 5th place, Max Tomlinson

ACSI Art Festival Results

Congratulations to the following Lower Campus students on their results in last week’s ACSI Art Festival. GRACE students earned 9 Good, 24 Excellent, and 6 Superior scores.  

  • Barry, Madison – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Good
  • Bradshaw, Nathan – NC Wildlife Drawing (chalk pastels), Excellent
  • Brooks, Bee – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Excellent
  • Brooks, Kitty – Self-Portrait in Ornament (pencil), Excellent
  • Chambers, Jenna – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Excellent
  • Collier, Sage – Self-Portrait in Ornament (pencil), Excellent
  • Donovan, Emma – Poster for Cystic Fibrosis  (mixed media), Excellent
  • Gausmann, Caroline – NC Wildlife Drawing (chalk pastels), Excellent
  • Guerra, Nilah – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Excellent
  • Graham, Calise – NC Wildlife Drawing (chalk pastels), Superior
  • Hairr, Jack – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Excellent
  • Hawley, Alex – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Excellent
  • Hewitt, Caitlin – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Good
  • Holland, Veda – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Excellent
  • Jenkins, Jackie – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Excellent
  • Lanning, Taylor – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Superior
  • Lawrence, Tanner – “LOVE” geometric word art (paint sticks/oil pastels), Good
  • Lee, Emerson – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Excellent
  • Lehmann, Colin – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Good
  • Lisiecki, Madeline – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Excellent
  • Mathew, Sohani – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Excellent
  • Mathew, Soleil – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Good
  • Meeson, Zoe – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Good
  • Mendez, Cecilia – “Falling for Foreshortening” (marker), Excellent
  • Mendez, Owen – “Falling for Foreshortening” (marker), Excellent
  • Moore, Benjamin – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Excellent
  • Morris, Gabrielle – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Excellent
  • Moss, Lily Faux – Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Superior
  • Murray, Addie – “Falling for Foreshortening” (marker), Excellent
  • Poprocki, Isaac – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Superior
  • Quick, Macy – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Excellent
  • Shibley, Grace – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Superior
  • Smith, Dillon – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Good
  • Smith, Jackson – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Good
  • Taylor, Hannah – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Excellent
  • Tew, Addie – Self-Portrait in Ornament (pencil), Good
  • Weyand, Camryn – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Excellent
  • Woodson, Emily – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Excellent
  • Woodworth, Caralyn – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Superior

Congratulationsto the 39 students from the Upper Campus who placed in the 2019 ACSI Art Festival. I think this may be our most successful year yet! Their artworks earned: 13 Excellent Red Ribbon Awards, 19 Superior Blue Ribbon Awards, and 7 Best of Show Awards for perfect scores from every judge in every category. Congratulations GRACE art Students! 

  • Arruza, Lela – “Golden Hour” black mandala, Superior
  • Azamar, Kiara – Giacometti inspired sculpture, Superior
  • Ballance, Tanner – “Scratch Boat” scratch art, Excellent
  • Brumback, Delaney – photograph, Superior
  • Bandy, David – “Color Wheel” string art, Best of Show
  • Bradley, Amelia – Butterflies book deconstruction, Superior
  • Brantley, Claire – glass fused dish, Best of Show
  • Carlson, Melanie – Still-life scratch art, Excellent
  • Chiu, Zoe – photograph, Superior
  • Church, Molly – Book deconstruction flowers, Excellent
  • Fontaine, Taylor – “Apple Pie” clay visual pun, Excellent
  • Giuggio, Stella – Still-life scratch art, Best of Show
  • Glenn, Mia – Acrylic ½ cat painting, Excellent
  • Grimes, Abby – glass fused candle holder, Superior
  • Hodges, Emily – photograph, Superior
  • Hoyle, Jessica – “I’m a Handful” watercolor & pen, Excellent
  • Hudson, Michelle – Still-life scratch art, Excellent
  • Jia, Vivian – photograph, Best of Show
  • Meeson, Kate – Still-life scratch art, Superior
  • McNair, Ellie – “Crocaholic” croc shoe block print, Excellent
  • Murray, Caroline – Scratch art pig, Superior
  • Murray, Katie – wire moose, Excellent
  • Pittman, Avana – “Brain Freeze” visual pun, Superior
  • Rhoads, Madison – “Good Vibes” Vans acrylic painting, Best of Show
  • Robinson, Elle – Scratch art fox, Superior
  • Robinson, Lee – “Space Angel” silk resist circle, Superior
  • Robinson, Rebecca – “Tree of Life” silk resist circle, Superior
  • Russell, Madison – glass fused dish, Superior
  • Saenz, Christina – clay ice cream cone, Excellent
  • Saenz, Samantha – glass fused dish, Superior
  • Springer, Kennedy – acrylic self-portrait, Excellent
  • Stewart, Zoe – “Friday” visual pun, Superior
  • Straight, Morgan – “Deviled Egg” clay visual pun, Excellent
  • Taylor, Sophia – wire ballerina, Superior
  • Tharrington, Ally – photograph, Best of Show
  • Swecker, Elijah – glass fused dish, Excellent
  • Swecker, Hannah – clay ice cream cone, Superior
  • Warlick, Daniel – photograph, Superior
  • Wingerd, Caroline – Giacometti inspired sculpture, Best of Show

Bricks 4 Kidz

GRACE is partnering with Bricks 4 Kidz to offer an after-school enrichment class on Fridays at GRACE for students in Kindergarten through 5th grade. There are six sessions, each session features a different build, and all sessions include the Mini Figure Factory in which your student will design and take home his or her own Mini Figure at the end of the session. Session dates are March 22nd, March 29th, April 5th, April 12th, April 26th, and May 3rd. The cost for the six sessions is $110, payable directly to Bricks 4 Kidz. 

Bricks 4 Kidz is a STEM-based after-school enrichment program that provides your child with an intellectually engaging and fun after-school experience by teaching conceptualization and problem-solving.  Using LEGO® Bricks and Technic® Elements as well as batteries and motors, students will be building working models and exploring the science behind them.  Not only is a Bricks 4 Kidz class exciting, but it helps students improve their fine motor skills, reinforce STEM principles, explore their creativity and most importantly, teaches engineering skills to prepare the next generation for the future.  Students will explore themes across myriad fields in the Natural and Life Sciences, Energy, Space Exploration, Inventions and Contraptions, and many others!  All sessions include our Mini Figure Factory in which your child designs and takes home his or her own Lego® Mini Figure at the end of the session.

To register online, please visit the Bricks 4 Kidz Registration Page for GRACE Christian School. 

2019 ACSI Spelling Bee

2019 ACSI Spelling Bee Winners from GRACE:

 First Grade:

  • Princess Ugochukwu, 3rd Place

Third Grade:

  • Levi Suarez, 3rd Place

Fourth Grade:

  • Luke Turner, 4th Place

Fifth Grade:

  • Nate Hickman, 3rd Place

Sixth Grade:

  • Connor Woodworth*, 1st Place
  • Collin Sanchez, 3rd Place

Seventh Grade:

  • Campbell Baker, 4th Place

Eighth Grade:

  • Hannah Graham, 3rd Place

* Connor Woodworth also placed 4th in the Spell-Off event for grades 5-8, so he and the other participants in 1st- 5th place will go on to the ACSI Southeast Regional Spelling Bee in Atlanta on March 16th.

2019 GRACE Spelling Bee Participants:

First Grade:

  • Michael Olaitan
  • Aaron Smith
  • Finley Stewart
  • Princess Ugochukwu

Second Grade:

  • Gabe Ojie
  • Maddox Hickman
  • Lucas Gomide
  • Lily Petty

Third Grade:

  • Anna Stephens
  • Levi Suarez
  • John Papuchis
  • Michael Gunter

Fourth Grade:

  • Judah Hickman
  • Caroline Gausmann
  • Luke Turner 
  • Caralyn Woodworth

Fifth Grade:

  • Nate Hickman
  • Hudson Baker
  • Jennings Fitzhugh
  • Emerson Lee

Sixth Grade:

  • Connor Woodworth
  • Collin Sanchez
  • Chase Ward
  • Ava Jenkins

Seventh Grade:

  • Caleb Hickman
  • Campbell Baker
  • Emma Long
  • Hannah Bradley

Eighth Grade:

  • Hannah Graham