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Auditions: The Secret Garden

Auditions for The Secret Garden, by Sylvia Ashby, adapted from Frances Hodgson Burnett classic will be held on August 15th and 16th from 3:30-5:00pm in the Upper Campus Chapel. Students must attend both days of auditions. All students auditioning must prepare a one minute dramatic monologue and will be asked to complete a cold reading from the script.

Please do not audition if you are unable to commit to regular attendance at rehearsals, unable to attend the week of tech and dress rehearsals in their entirety, and/or unable to attend both performance dates.

  • Rehearsals will begin on August 22nd and run most days after school  from 3:30- 5:15pm until the end of the performances.
  • Tech and Dress Rehearsals will be every day from October 17th-23rd and are mandatory.
  • Performance dates are Thursday, October 24th and Saturday, October 26th.

Overview of The Secret Garden from the Samuel French Inc. website
Mary Lennox, a sullen and spoiled young orphan, is sent to live with her brooding uncle at gloomy Misselthwaite Manor. Discovering a hidden, neglected garden, Mary plants the seeds of new life for all those drawn into her secret refuge. A wonderful story of transformation, from the author of the immensely popular Anne of Green Gables.

GFWC State Art Results

Congratulations to the artists of the eight GRACE artworks that placed in the GFWC State Art Competition.  This is the final GFWC Art Competition and includes the best artworks from the State of North Carolina.  All contestants in the State Competition had advanced by previously placing first or second in the Raleigh Competition and the District VI Competition.   What an accomplishment!

1st Place

  • Colby Kulinski               Glass Craft 
  • Madison Rhoads            Wood Craft 
  • Lela Arruza                    Nature Craft 

2nd Place

  • Zoee Stewart                 Sculpture
  • Lela Arruza                   Paper Craft 
  • David Bandy                 Dye Craft 

3rd Place

  • Avery Hawley                  Ceramics 
  • Peyton Chapman             Pastels Drawing

ACSI Music Festival Results

Congratulations to the GRACE students who participated in the 2019 ACSI Music Festival. You represented us well!

  • Middle School Vocal Ensemble — Superior
  • High School Vocal Ensemble — Superior
  • High School Strings Ensemble — Superior
  • 6th Grade Band — Excellent
  • 7-8th Grade Band — Excellent
  • High School Band — Excellent
  • High School Advanced Band — Superior

ACSI Art Festival Results

Congratulations to the following Lower Campus students on their results in last week’s ACSI Art Festival. GRACE students earned 9 Good, 24 Excellent, and 6 Superior scores.  

  • Barry, Madison – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Good
  • Bradshaw, Nathan – NC Wildlife Drawing (chalk pastels), Excellent
  • Brooks, Bee – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Excellent
  • Brooks, Kitty – Self-Portrait in Ornament (pencil), Excellent
  • Chambers, Jenna – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Excellent
  • Collier, Sage – Self-Portrait in Ornament (pencil), Excellent
  • Donovan, Emma – Poster for Cystic Fibrosis  (mixed media), Excellent
  • Gausmann, Caroline – NC Wildlife Drawing (chalk pastels), Excellent
  • Guerra, Nilah – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Excellent
  • Graham, Calise – NC Wildlife Drawing (chalk pastels), Superior
  • Hairr, Jack – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Excellent
  • Hawley, Alex – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Excellent
  • Hewitt, Caitlin – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Good
  • Holland, Veda – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Excellent
  • Jenkins, Jackie – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Excellent
  • Lanning, Taylor – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Superior
  • Lawrence, Tanner – “LOVE” geometric word art (paint sticks/oil pastels), Good
  • Lee, Emerson – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Excellent
  • Lehmann, Colin – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Good
  • Lisiecki, Madeline – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Excellent
  • Mathew, Sohani – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Excellent
  • Mathew, Soleil – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Good
  • Meeson, Zoe – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Good
  • Mendez, Cecilia – “Falling for Foreshortening” (marker), Excellent
  • Mendez, Owen – “Falling for Foreshortening” (marker), Excellent
  • Moore, Benjamin – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Excellent
  • Morris, Gabrielle – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Excellent
  • Moss, Lily Faux – Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Superior
  • Murray, Addie – “Falling for Foreshortening” (marker), Excellent
  • Poprocki, Isaac – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Superior
  • Quick, Macy – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Excellent
  • Shibley, Grace – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Superior
  • Smith, Dillon – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Good
  • Smith, Jackson – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Good
  • Taylor, Hannah – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Excellent
  • Tew, Addie – Self-Portrait in Ornament (pencil), Good
  • Weyand, Camryn – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Excellent
  • Woodson, Emily – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Excellent
  • Woodworth, Caralyn – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Superior

Congratulationsto the 39 students from the Upper Campus who placed in the 2019 ACSI Art Festival. I think this may be our most successful year yet! Their artworks earned: 13 Excellent Red Ribbon Awards, 19 Superior Blue Ribbon Awards, and 7 Best of Show Awards for perfect scores from every judge in every category. Congratulations GRACE art Students! 

  • Arruza, Lela – “Golden Hour” black mandala, Superior
  • Azamar, Kiara – Giacometti inspired sculpture, Superior
  • Ballance, Tanner – “Scratch Boat” scratch art, Excellent
  • Brumback, Delaney – photograph, Superior
  • Bandy, David – “Color Wheel” string art, Best of Show
  • Bradley, Amelia – Butterflies book deconstruction, Superior
  • Brantley, Claire – glass fused dish, Best of Show
  • Carlson, Melanie – Still-life scratch art, Excellent
  • Chiu, Zoe – photograph, Superior
  • Church, Molly – Book deconstruction flowers, Excellent
  • Fontaine, Taylor – “Apple Pie” clay visual pun, Excellent
  • Giuggio, Stella – Still-life scratch art, Best of Show
  • Glenn, Mia – Acrylic ½ cat painting, Excellent
  • Grimes, Abby – glass fused candle holder, Superior
  • Hodges, Emily – photograph, Superior
  • Hoyle, Jessica – “I’m a Handful” watercolor & pen, Excellent
  • Hudson, Michelle – Still-life scratch art, Excellent
  • Jia, Vivian – photograph, Best of Show
  • Meeson, Kate – Still-life scratch art, Superior
  • McNair, Ellie – “Crocaholic” croc shoe block print, Excellent
  • Murray, Caroline – Scratch art pig, Superior
  • Murray, Katie – wire moose, Excellent
  • Pittman, Avana – “Brain Freeze” visual pun, Superior
  • Rhoads, Madison – “Good Vibes” Vans acrylic painting, Best of Show
  • Robinson, Elle – Scratch art fox, Superior
  • Robinson, Lee – “Space Angel” silk resist circle, Superior
  • Robinson, Rebecca – “Tree of Life” silk resist circle, Superior
  • Russell, Madison – glass fused dish, Superior
  • Saenz, Christina – clay ice cream cone, Excellent
  • Saenz, Samantha – glass fused dish, Superior
  • Springer, Kennedy – acrylic self-portrait, Excellent
  • Stewart, Zoe – “Friday” visual pun, Superior
  • Straight, Morgan – “Deviled Egg” clay visual pun, Excellent
  • Taylor, Sophia – wire ballerina, Superior
  • Tharrington, Ally – photograph, Best of Show
  • Swecker, Elijah – glass fused dish, Excellent
  • Swecker, Hannah – clay ice cream cone, Superior
  • Warlick, Daniel – photograph, Superior
  • Wingerd, Caroline – Giacometti inspired sculpture, Best of Show

2019 District VI GFWC Art Results

Way to go GRACE art students!  GRACE had 24 GRACE artworks place in the 2019 District VI GFWC Arts Festival on Saturday, February 16th.  All first place winners will move to the State level competition. 

1st place:

  • Payton Chapman, 602V-Pastels Drawing, Leaves on pink background
  • Zoee Stewart, 604V Sculpture, Mermaid
  • Julie Rakitine, 612V Mixed Media, Scratch art of a rooster
  • Avery Hawley, 601C Ceramics, Holy Cow
  • Madison Rhoads, 903C Wood Craft, Wooden Wave
  • Lela Arruza, 904C  Paper Craft, Japanese Scene in a book
  • Lela Arruza, 906C Nature Craft, Mask of Leaves
  • David Bandy, 910C Dye Craft, Silk resist circle of a triangle
  • Colby Kulinski, 915C Glass Craft, Blue, green, and red striped long dish

2nd place:

  • Zoee Stewart, 602V Pastels Drawing, Hummingbirds on navy background
  • Brianna Taylor, 604V Sculpture, Fish wire sculpture
  • Hannah Graham, 609V Color Pencil Drawing, Bird colored pencil
  • Koen Hendges, 602C Metal Craft, Boat wire sculpture
  • Jessica Hoyle, 902C Metal Craft, Wire Bat
  • Lela Arruza, 903C Wood Craft, Wooden block
  • David Bandy, 905C Decorative Painting, Spray paint self portrait
  • Lee Robinson, 910C Dye Craft, Block print self portrait
  • Lela Arruza, 915C Glass Craft,  Stained glass lily pads
  • Lee Robinson, 902V Pastels Drawing, Praying mantis over city
  • Ava Mendez, 912V Mixed Media, Scratch art with bottles and pumpkins

3rd place:

  • Payton Chapman, 601C Ceramics, Cheesecake
  • Avrie Lanning, 602C Metal Craft, Snitch wire sculpture
  • Madison Russell, 904C Paper Craft, Dragon out of book pages
  • Kennedy Springer, 902V Pastel Drawing, Op Art

2019 Raleigh GFWC Art Results

Congratulations GRACE art students!  We had 38 GRACE artworks place in the 2019 Raleigh GFWC Arts Festival! All 1st and 2nd place winning entries of each category will advance to the District VI Arts Festival that will be held on Saturday, February 16th, as a private juried event.  District first place winners will advance to the GFWC-NC State Arts Festival which will be held March 9th in Mebane, NC.

GFWC City Level High School Winners:

Pastel Drawing

  • Lee Robinson – 1st place pastel drawing
  • Kennedy Springer – 2nd place pastel drawing
  • David Bandy – 3rd place pastel drawing


  • Amelia Bradley – 3rd place sculpture

Mixed Media

  • Ava Mendez – 1st place mixed media


  • Samantha Saenz – 1st place ceramics
  • Lela Arruza – 3rd place ceramics

Metal Crafts

  • Jessica Hoyle – 1st place metal crafts

Wood Crafts

  • Lela Arruza – 1st place wood crafts
  • Madison Rhoads – 2nd place wood crafts

Paper Crafts

  • Lela Arruza – 1st place paper crafts
  • Madison Russell – 2nd place paper crafts

Decorative Painting

  • David Bandy – 1st place decorative painting
  • Kennedy Springer – 2nd place decorative painting
  • Tanner Ballance – 3rd place decorative painting

Nature Crafts

  • Lela Arruza – 2nd place nature crafts

Crochet/Knitting Crafts

  • Lela Arruza – 1st place crochet/ knitting crafts

Dye Craft

  • David Bandy – 1st place dye craft
  • Lee Robinson – 2nd place dye craft
  • Ellie McNair – 3rd place dye craft

Glass Craft

  • Colby Kulinski – 1st place glass craft
  • Lela Arruza – 2nd place glass craft
  • Abby Grimes – 3rd place glass craft

GFWC City Level Middle School Winners:

Pastel Drawing

  • Payton Chapman – 1st place pastel drawing
  • Zoee Stewart – 2nd place pastel drawing
  • Avery Hawley – 3rd place pastel drawing


  • Zoee Stewart – 1st place sculpture
  • Briana Taylor – 2nd place sculpture
  • Hannah Graham – 3rd place sculpture

Pencil Drawing

  • Hannah Graham – 1st place pencil drawing

Mixed Media

  • Natalie Sanservino – 1st place mixed media
  • Julie Rakitine – 2nd place mixed media


  • Payton Chapman – 1st place ceramics
  • Avery Hawley – 2nd place ceramics
  • Asha Matthew Powers – 3rd place ceramics

Metal Crafts

  • Koen Hendges – 1st place metal crafts
  • Avrie Lanning – 2nd place metal crafts
  • Lauren Wingerd – 3rd place metal crafts

Art Contest

The Joey O’ Bocce Classic for Cystic Fibrosis is now accepting entries for their t-shirt design contest. Last year we had more than 35 entries from GRACE and one of our 7th graders, Everett Quinto, won.  His t-shirt design was printed on the t-shirts for the event. He and his family were honored at both the pairings night and the event, received free t-shirts, dinner and lunch, and played as a team at the tournament. (value of greater than $400). 

So get out your markers or colored pencils and start creating! Design entries should be submitted in color on white tabloid/ ledger sized paper (11″ x 17″) to Merrily Boyd (lower campus) or Elizabeth Walters (upper campus) by Friday, February 1st. The winning entry will be notified by email and posted online at Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the Joey O’ Bocce website.

The Joey O’ Bocce Classic Tournament is a local fundraising event that raises money and awareness for Cystic Fibrosis. Cystic Fibrosis is a progressive genetic disease that affects the lungs and the ability to breathe.  Every year, teams compete in a Bocce Tournament and last year, the event raised over $25,000 for Cystic Fibrosis research and medical expenses. This year, the event will be on April 28th, 2019.

Auditions for Women and War

This year’s fall play is Women and War written by Jack Hilton Cunningham and will be performed at GRACE on October 13, 2018.

Play Synopsis

Through correspondence and monologues, in the style of reader’s theater, Women and War is a collection of fictional stories based on historical fact, told by generations of Americans impacted by conflict from The Great War to the War in Afghanistan. From housewife to worker, young bride to nurse, mother to widow, and now, young woman to soldier, these are tales of sacrifice, love, determination and hope told by those who bravely persevere on the home front and on the battlefield. (taken from Samuel French Inc.) 


Auditions will be held on August 13, 2018 from 3:30-5:30 in the Upper Campus Chapel. Students in grades 6-12 wishing to audition will need to prepare a short dramatic monologue. All auditioning students will be asked to stay the full length of the audition to participate in cold readings. Depending on the number of students interested, the show may be divided into two companies.  

Cast Requirements & Expectations

All students who are cast in the play are required to attend all tech rehearsals, performances and strike beginning on October 8-15th, 2018.At the time of the audition students must have a copy of their availability and must have no conflicts for October 8th-15th.