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State Art Winners 2018

Congratulations to the nine GRACE artists who placed in the GFWC State Art Competition.  This is the final GFWC Art Competition and includes the best artworks from the State of North Carolina.  All contestants in the State Competition had advanced by previously placing first or second in the Raleigh Competition and the District VI Competition.   What an accomplishment!

  • Lela Arruza – 1st place Paper Craft
  • Lela Arruza – 2nd place Nature Craft
  • Hannah Billings – 1st place Dye Craft
  • Erica Epperly – 2nd place Creative Stitchery
  • Rachael Litavecz – 1st place Creative Stitchery
  • Olivia Payne – 3rd place Wood Craft
  • Sofia Pinzauti – 2nd place Glass Craft
  • Sofia Pinzauti – 2nd place Metal Craft
  • Hannah Swecker – 1st place Beadwork

Need Tech Help or Tutoring?

Technology Help Sessions

Technology help sessions are held in the upper campus media center every Thursday from 3:15-4:00pm. Drop in with questions and Mr. O’Brien can help troubleshoot and/or fill in gaps students may be missing when it comes to using the technology that GRACE provides.

NHS Study Sessions

NHS study sessions are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 3:15-4:15pm in the upper campus media center. If students need help studying for tests, or study help in general, there are NHS tutors available in the library during these days and times each week. No appointment is needed, just drop in when you need it.

ACSI 2018 Festival Results

Congratulations to the many GRACE students who participated in the ACSI Festivals and Competitions on March 9, 2018.



  • Arruza, Lela – Origami butterfly
  • Azamar, Kiara – Zentangles
  • Billings, Hannah – Scratch monkey
  • Brady, John Thomas – Monochromatic Winter Painting
  • Ditcheos, Liz – Silk resist shell
  • Gower, Chloe – Dream catcher paper quilling
  • Grinstead, Lexi – Photograph
  • Hoyle, Jessica – Self-portrait
  • Kelley, Morgan – Photograph
  • Morrison, Caleb – Clay head cookie jar
  • Pinzauti, Sofia – Skull drawing
  • Pittman, Avana – String Art
  • Rhoads, Madison – Pop art self-portrait
  • Robinson, Kathryn – Photograph
  • Russell, Madison – Scratch animal
  • Saenz, Samantha – Cubist self-portrait
  • Sharda, Rebecca – Photograph
  • Taylor, Sophie – “Walk Worthy” zentangle
  • Zechman, Madie – Zentangle self-portrait


  • Bandy, David – Candy colored pencil drawing
  • Brooks, Kitty – “Falling for Foreshortening” drawing
  • Carlson, Melanie –Stormy Seas
  • Chase, Maddie – Photograph
  • Collier, Sage – Monochromatic Winter Painting
  • Deguzman, Lea – NC Wildlife Drawing
  • DiCicco, Drew – Monochromatic Winter Painting
  • Drake, Kelsey – Panda paper quilling
  • Fetterolf, Hannah – Clay mouse whistle
  • Fontaine, Taylor – String art
  • Graham, Calise – Impressionist Landscape
  • Hardy, Elise – “Stained Glass” Snow Globe
  • Hess, Mason – NC Wildlife Drawing
  • Jenkins, Jackie – NC Wildlife Drawing
  • Kamal, Anastasia – Impressionist Landscape
  • Lanning, Avry – “Falling for Foreshortening” drawing
  • Lehmann, Kate – NC Wildlife Drawing
  • Litavecz, Rachael – Pointillism Barney Fife
  • McNair, Ellie – Colored pencil strawberries
  • Mendez, Ava – Dinsaur Whistle
  • Null, Anna Beth – “Falling for Foreshortening” drawing
  • Nunnery, Presley – “Stained Glass” Snow Globe
  • Olive, Lydia – “Stained Glass” Snow Globe
  • Payne, Olivia – Cactus cookie jar
  • Plantan, Sloan – Impressionist Landscape
  • Porter, Danielle – Clay mouse bank
  • Riggs, Piper – Impressionist Landscape
  • Robinson, Elle – “Walk Worthy” zentangle
  • Rutledge, Lily – Clay lantern
  • Saenz, Christina – Silk resist umbrella
  • Smith, Jackson – “Stained Glass” Snow Globe
  • Smith, McLain – “Stained Glass” Snow Globe
  • Solomon, Lucas – “Walk Worthy” zentangle
  • Stewart, Zoe – String art
  • Storum, Claire – Gifaffe Silhouette
  • Swecker, Elijah – Photograph
  • Swecker, Hannah – Plaster mask
  • Taylor, Briana – “Walk Worthy” zentangle
  • Taylor, Sophie – Abstraction (from Blind Contour Drawing)
  • Tew, Addison – Monochromatic Winter Painting
  • Usher, Julia – “Stained Glass” Snow Globe
  • Walters, Patrick – “Stained Glass” Snow Globe
  • Walters, Will – String art
  • Williamson, Ashleigh – Candy colored pencil drawing
  • Wingerd, Caroline – Giraffe beads


  • Bradshaw, Nathan – Impressionist Landscape
  • Church, Molly – Clay lantern
  • Guiggio, Lena – “Walk Worthy” zentangle
  • Jenkins, Ava – Monochromatic Winter Painting
  • Kulinski, Olivia – Rain paper quilling
  • McKinley, Kate – Monochromatic Winter Painting
  • Moore, Paige – Self-Portrait in Ornament
  • Moss, Lily – Impressionist Landscape
  • Neira, Addy – Monochromatic Winter Painting
  • Rice, Alex – Abstraction (from Blind Contour Drawing)
  • Smith, Dillon – NC Wildlife Drawing
  • Straight, Morgan – Self-Portrait in Ornament
  • Robinson, Elle – Abstraction (from Blind Contour Drawing)
  • Taylor, Briana – Abstraction (from Blind Contour Drawing)


  • 6th Grade Band – Excellent
  • 7th/8th Grade Band – Excellent
  • High School Band – Excellent
  • High School Brass Ensemble – Excellent
  • Percussion Ensemble – Excellent

Creative Writing



Math Olympics

  • Garrison Rose – 2nd place, 3rd Grade Computation
  • Colin Morris – 2nd place, 3rd Grade Reasoning
  • Julie Rakitine – 2nd place, 6th Grade Reasoning
  • Anna Garrett – 3rd place (TIE), 6th Grade Computation
  • Caralyn Woodworth – 4th place (TIE), 3rd Grade Computation
  • Aurora Harris – 4th place (TIE), 3rd Grade Computation
  • Noah Solomon – 4th place (TIE), 8th Grade Reasoning
  • Micah Solomon – 5th place, 3rd Grade Reasoning
  • Sage Collier – 5th place, 5th Grade Computation


Speech Meet


  • Grayson Farless (9th) – Extemporaneous Speaking
  • Joshua Murray (12th) – Impromptu Speaking (also gave speech at the awards ceremony)


  • Vivian Jia (10th) – Original Oratory
  • Joshua Smith (9th) – Humorous Interpretation
  • Jonathan Cameron-Chileshe (10th) – Dramatic Interpretation

Vocal Ensemble

  • 6th Grade Vocal Ensemble—Superior
  • 7th/8th Grade Vocal Ensemble–Superior
  • High School Vocal Ensemble–Superior


2-Hour Delay on March 13, 2018

GRACE Christian School will operate on a 2-hour delay on Tuesday, March 13, 2018. Before Care on the lower campus will start at 9:30am.

If the road conditions in your neighborhood are treacherous and/or you are concerned for the safety of your student driver or for your family in making the drive, please stay home and be safe.

Tech Help & Tutoring

Technology help sessions are held in the upper campus media center every Thursday from 3:15-4:00pm. Drop in with questions and Mr. O’Brien can help troubleshoot and/or fill in gaps students may be missing when it comes to using the technology that GRACE provides.

NHS study sessions are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, from 3:15-4:15pm in the upper campus media center. If students need help studying for tests, or study help in general, there are NHS tutors available in the library during these days and times throughout the week. No appointment needed, students can drop in and work with our tutors.

Empty Bowls is March 9, 2018

GRACE middle and high school visual arts students have been hand painting unique one-of-a-kind bowls for our 6th Annual Empty Bowls event on Friday, March 9th, at 6:00 p.m. This event coincides with the March Madness 4 Missions event in the Lower Campus Gym.

All proceeds will be donated to Rise Against Hunger. For a $10 donation, you may select and keep a unique one-of-a-kind bowl hand-painted bowl and a voucher for a bowl of soup to eat. This year we will be offering 2 donation options: $5 for only soup or $10 for a bowl including soup. 

We hope to see you there for a fun and yummy evening raising money for our missions!

Art Contest Winners February 2018

Twenty-six GRACE photography and visual art students placed in the February District VI GWFC Arts Festival and the eleven that received first place awards will advance to the state level competition.

High School Categories

Black & White Photography

  • Morgan Kelley — 1st Place

Color Photography

  • Grace Son — 2nd Place

Metal Crafts

  • Sofia Pinzauti – 1st Place

Wood Crafts

  • Olivia Payne – 1st Place
  • Lela Arruza – 2nd Place

Paper Crafts

  • Lela Arruza –1st Place

Decorative Painting

  • Madison Russell – 3rd Place

Nature Craft

  • Lela Arruza – 1st Place
  • Lela Arruza – 2nd Place

Creative Stitchery

  • Rachael Litavecz – 1st Place
  • Sofia Pinzauti – 2nd Place

Dye Craft

  • Hannah Billings – 1st Place
  • Anna Feagans – 2nd Place


  • Hannah Swecker – 1st Place
    Lela Arruza – 2nd Place

Glass Craft

  • Sofia Pinzauti – 1st Place
    Rachael Litavecz – 2nd Place


  • Madison Rhoads – 2nd Place

Middle School Categories


  • Melanie Carlson- 2nd Place
  • Ava Mendez – 3rd Place

Creative Stitchery

  • Erica Epperly – 1st Place
  • Bri Gower – 2nd Place

Colored Drawing

  • Melanie Carlson – 2nd Place

Pastel Drawing

  • Hannah Fetterolf – 3rd Place

ACSI Spelling Bee Results

Congratulations to the students who placed at the District 3 ACSI Spelling Bee hosted by GRACE on Friday, February 9th. The winners in grades 5-8 all participated in the Spell-Off event after their grade level bees.

Congratulations to Asher Hickman, first place winner in the Spell-Off, and Meredith Wells, second place winner in the Spell-Off. These students will proceed to the ACSI Southeast Regional Spelling Bee in March. Winners from the Regional Bee will go to Washington DC for the National Championship.

Grade Level Winners from GRACE:

Grade 1:

  • Fourth Place: Sutton Vallecorse

Grade 3:

  • Third Place:Anastasia Kamal

Grade 4:

  • First Place: Eli Stewart
  • Second Place: Presley Nunnery
  • Third Place:Nate Hickman

Grade 5:

  • First Place:Connor Woodworth

Grade 6:

  • Fourth Place: Hannah Bradley

Grade 7:

  • Fourth Place: Hannah Graham

Grade 8:

  • First Place: Asher Hickman
  • Second Place: Meredith Wells
  • Fourth Place: Jalil Harvey

2018 Creative Writing Festival Entrants

The following students have advanced from the GRACE Creative Writing Festival to the ACSI District Level Creative Writing Festival. Thank you to all of the students in grades 4-12 who submitted entries to the festival. 

Congratulations to the following:

  • Caitlin Hewitt, Grade 4, Rhymed Poetry, When the Wind Whispers
  • Victoria Katz, Grade 4, Short Story, The Princess, the Pearl, and the Pig
  • Bryan Mann, Grade 5, Short Story, Stranded
  • Addy Neira, Grade 5, Essay, Pleasing God Through Good Works
  • Kate Mckinley, Grade 5, Short Story,The Poplar Mission
  • Sage Collier, Grade 5, Short Story, A Pricey Piece of Junk
  • Chase Trawick, Grade 5, Short Story, Joey Stinks
  • Elle Robinson, Grade 6, Short Story, The Hunters
  • Asha Mathew Powers, Grade 6, Short Story, God Will Provide
  • Juliana Escuti, Grade 7, Short Story, The Wolf
  • Stella Giuggio, Grade 8, Short Story, The Paper Town
  • Zoe Chiu, Grade 8, Short Story, Ghost
  • Meredith Wells, Grade 8, Short Story, Stop Drop and Roll
  • Caroline Wingerd, Grade 9, Short Story, The Singha
  • Grayson Nico, Grade 9, Short Story, The Weight of Bronze
  • Devon Willard, Grade 11, Short Story, A Lone Night
  • Felix Jarvis Earle, Grade 12, Free Verse Poetry, My Dad The Pilot
  • Rachael Litavecz, Grade 12, Short Story, Rapunzel Dysfunctional

Celebrate GRACE 2018 is March 2nd

Celebrate GRACE is a once-a-year opportunity to fellowship with the GRACE community in a special way. This free event is a chance to spend an evening enjoying a fabulous dinner with old friends, make new friends, and be entertained and inspired by professional comedian and keynote speaker, Kenn Kington. Due to space limitations, this is an adults-only event.

Kenn is one of the most popular comics on XM radio and performs regularly across the country. Kenn has spoken to hundreds of companies inspiring focus in the midst of change, maximizing productivity, and developing record-breaking product launches. Kenn has written two bestselling books on relationships and records a regular radio show/podcast that inspires thousands to experience life to the fullest. When you hear Kenn, rest assured you will be entertained, encouraged, challenged and inspired. Watch this Video of Kenn to see what a treat this night will be and make plans to attend!

Gather your friends and make plans to spend the evening enjoying great fellowship, delicious food, and celebrating all that makes our school great. You can reserve your seat or a table for eight and fill it with your favorite members of the GRACE community via our online Celebrate GRACE RSVP Form.