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Spring Sports Pictures

Spring athletic pictures have been added to the Warlick Photography website and are available to order through May 17, 2019.  Please email if you have any questions. To view the pictures:

  • go to
  • click on GRACE Eagles
  • the password is TalonSports (note: the password is case sensitive)
  • click on the sport you would like to view

PTF Spring Events – Save the Date!

City Barbeque Spirit Night, April 29, 2019

Take the day-off from cooking! City BBQ is generously hosting an all-day GRACE Spirit event where every meal purchased by a GRACE supporter (just show your flyer and have them scan the barcode!) GRACE will receive a 25% donation of the total cost!

Kona Ice at Field Day, May 3, 2019

Kona Ice will be part of our Field Day festivities for all TK-5th grade students.  We will be collecting $3 from each student.  Forms will come home in your child’s folder the week of April 23rd. 7th-12th grade students will have the option to purchase Kona Ice during their lunch.  Kona Ice has dye-free, gluten-free and sugar-free options. 

Parent Summer Luau, May 15, 2019

GRACE Parents deserve some fun too!  Come join PTF to celebrate the end of the school year.  We provide breakfast while you relax and enjoy catching up with friends before school is out for the summer.  An Eventbrite and Signup will come out after the break with more details!

School Supply Purchase Program, May 2019

PTF has a new school supply partner.  We are happy to provide you with the opportunity to order your child’s school supplies for next year without ever leaving home.  Our new partner 1stDay School Supplies provides all name brand, quality products.  Be on the lookout for more information in the coming weeks.

Printable PTF Save The Dates Flyer

2019-2020 Student Council

Congratulations Incoming Student Council

Congratulations to the students who were elected by their peers to serve on the 2019-2020 Student Council. 

Lower Campus

Lower Campus Student Council Elections will be held the second week of May. This post will be updated after the election. 

Upper Campus

  • President – Landon Lauffer
  • Vice President – Kate Meeson
  • Secretary – Kristina Pattison
  • Treasurer – Grayson Farless
  • Event Coordinators – Kate Petty and Claire Brantley
  • Club Coordinators – Hannah Morris and Dylan Murray
  • Sergeants at Arms – Bradley Obusek and Keenan Baker
  • Chaplain Team: appointed by Director of Christian Life
  • Rising 7th Grade – Sage Collier and David Griffith
  • Rising 8th Grade – Caleb Hickman and Milo Horton
  • Rising 9th Grade – Walker Blount and Payton Chapman
  • Rising 10th Grade – Carter Ward and Ellie Whichard
  • Rising 11th Grade – Lily Lauffer and Kaden Sigmon
  • Rising 12th Grade – Faith Faircloth and Garrett Keen

Thank You Outgoing Student Council

Thank you to the outgoing 2018-2019 Student Council for your faithful service.

Lower Campus

  • Presidents: Sage Collier
  • Vice President: Ava Jenkins
  • Secretary: Aubrey Lodholz
  • Chaplain: Kate McKinley

Upper Campus

  • President: Molly Church
  • Vice-President: Lauren Meeson
  • Secretary: Katherine Matthes
  • Club Coordinator: Trek Thorne
  • Treasurer: Samantha Saenz
  • Event Co-Coordinators: Hannah Morris & Amelia Bradley
  • Co-Sergeant at Arms: Keenan Baker & Co-Sergeant at Arms: Bradley Obusek
  • Chaplain Team: Derrek Chen, Grace German, Daniel Jagt, and Kaden Sigmon
  • 7th Grade Class Reps: Caroline Raymer & Elle Robinson
  • 8th Grade Class Reps: Payton Chapman & Landon Wheeler
  • 9th Grade Class Reps: Lindsey Brookhart & Ava Taylor
  • 10th Grade Class Reps: Grayson Farless & Nathaniel Grieci
  • 11th Grade Class Reps: Landon Lauffer & Kate Meeson
  • 12th Grade Class Reps: Lela Arruza & David Bandy

Community Service Day 2019 Recap

Thank you to the many parent volunteers that transported and worked alongside our high school staff and students for our 2019 Community Service Day. Nearly 300 staff, student, and parent volunteers spent last Wednesday working for a variety of community-based ministries as part of our annual service day. Meanwhile, back on campus, 7th grade students packed over 10,000 meals with Rise Against Hunger and helped GRACE cross the 100,000 meals packed threshold. 

GFWC State Art Results

Congratulations to the artists of the eight GRACE artworks that placed in the GFWC State Art Competition.  This is the final GFWC Art Competition and includes the best artworks from the State of North Carolina.  All contestants in the State Competition had advanced by previously placing first or second in the Raleigh Competition and the District VI Competition.   What an accomplishment!

1st Place

  • Colby Kulinski               Glass Craft 
  • Madison Rhoads            Wood Craft 
  • Lela Arruza                    Nature Craft 

2nd Place

  • Zoee Stewart                 Sculpture
  • Lela Arruza                   Paper Craft 
  • David Bandy                 Dye Craft 

3rd Place

  • Avery Hawley                  Ceramics 
  • Peyton Chapman             Pastels Drawing

ACSI Math Olympics Results

GRACE students had a successful day at the ACSI Math Olympics.  All of the GRACE students did their best and represented our school well; we are proud of all 36 of our students. A special shout-out to the following students who placed in the top five of their grade/category:

  • 3rd grade: Computation – 4th place, Finn Rassette
  • 4th grade: Computation – 1st place, Gold Medal Winner, Aurora Harris
  • 5th grade: Computation – 5th place, Jimmy Maciarello
  • 5th grade: Reasoning –  2nd place, Elise Hardy
  • 6th grade: Reasoning – 5th place, Sage Collier
  • 6th grade: Reasoning – 3rd place, Bryce Pearman
  • 7th grade: Computation –  5th place, Anna Garrett
  • 7th grade: Reasoning – 5th place, Max Tomlinson

ACSI Music Festival Results

Congratulations to the GRACE students who participated in the 2019 ACSI Music Festival. You represented us well!

  • Middle School Vocal Ensemble — Superior
  • High School Vocal Ensemble — Superior
  • High School Strings Ensemble — Superior
  • 6th Grade Band — Excellent
  • 7-8th Grade Band — Excellent
  • High School Band — Excellent
  • High School Advanced Band — Superior

Tech Expo

All families and friends are invited to explore engineering and technology at the GRACE Technology Expo on Monday, April 8th, from 6:00 – 8:00 pm. 

6:00-6:15 Welcome

Enjoy some cookies and be entered in a raffle to win a student-built computer, simply by attending!

6:15-6:45 Technology Professionals Panel Discussion

Have questions about pursuing a career in engineering or technology? Meet with the experts to learn about career opportunities.

  • Peter Knepley (Lead Programmer at Epic Games)
  • Dave Katz (World Wide Lab Director at Cisco)
  • Amanda Pouget (Software Developer at Role Model Software)

6:45-8:00 Interactive Stations

  • Race a Raspberry Pi Car
  • Create LED light shows with Raspberry Pi
  • Program and drive a robot
  • Fly a drone
  • Computer Building
  • Makey Makey games and challenges

We are pleased to partner with the NC Science Festival to open this event to the public, and we can’t wait to show off what technology we have been learning this year and discuss where this learning can lead!

Printable Tech Expo Flier



ACSI Art Festival Results

Congratulations to the following Lower Campus students on their results in last week’s ACSI Art Festival. GRACE students earned 9 Good, 24 Excellent, and 6 Superior scores.  

  • Barry, Madison – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Good
  • Bradshaw, Nathan – NC Wildlife Drawing (chalk pastels), Excellent
  • Brooks, Bee – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Excellent
  • Brooks, Kitty – Self-Portrait in Ornament (pencil), Excellent
  • Chambers, Jenna – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Excellent
  • Collier, Sage – Self-Portrait in Ornament (pencil), Excellent
  • Donovan, Emma – Poster for Cystic Fibrosis  (mixed media), Excellent
  • Gausmann, Caroline – NC Wildlife Drawing (chalk pastels), Excellent
  • Guerra, Nilah – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Excellent
  • Graham, Calise – NC Wildlife Drawing (chalk pastels), Superior
  • Hairr, Jack – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Excellent
  • Hawley, Alex – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Excellent
  • Hewitt, Caitlin – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Good
  • Holland, Veda – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Excellent
  • Jenkins, Jackie – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Excellent
  • Lanning, Taylor – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Superior
  • Lawrence, Tanner – “LOVE” geometric word art (paint sticks/oil pastels), Good
  • Lee, Emerson – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Excellent
  • Lehmann, Colin – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Good
  • Lisiecki, Madeline – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Excellent
  • Mathew, Sohani – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Excellent
  • Mathew, Soleil – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Good
  • Meeson, Zoe – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Good
  • Mendez, Cecilia – “Falling for Foreshortening” (marker), Excellent
  • Mendez, Owen – “Falling for Foreshortening” (marker), Excellent
  • Moore, Benjamin – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Excellent
  • Morris, Gabrielle – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Excellent
  • Moss, Lily Faux – Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Superior
  • Murray, Addie – “Falling for Foreshortening” (marker), Excellent
  • Poprocki, Isaac – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Superior
  • Quick, Macy – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Excellent
  • Shibley, Grace – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Superior
  • Smith, Dillon – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Good
  • Smith, Jackson – Monochromatic Winter Painting (acrylic paint), Good
  • Taylor, Hannah – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Excellent
  • Tew, Addie – Self-Portrait in Ornament (pencil), Good
  • Weyand, Camryn – Impressionist landscape (water-soluble oil pastels), Excellent
  • Woodson, Emily – Silhouette Painting (alcohol inks/acrylic on plastic), Excellent
  • Woodworth, Caralyn – Faux Stained Glass (glass paint on plastic), Superior

Congratulationsto the 39 students from the Upper Campus who placed in the 2019 ACSI Art Festival. I think this may be our most successful year yet! Their artworks earned: 13 Excellent Red Ribbon Awards, 19 Superior Blue Ribbon Awards, and 7 Best of Show Awards for perfect scores from every judge in every category. Congratulations GRACE art Students! 

  • Arruza, Lela – “Golden Hour” black mandala, Superior
  • Azamar, Kiara – Giacometti inspired sculpture, Superior
  • Ballance, Tanner – “Scratch Boat” scratch art, Excellent
  • Brumback, Delaney – photograph, Superior
  • Bandy, David – “Color Wheel” string art, Best of Show
  • Bradley, Amelia – Butterflies book deconstruction, Superior
  • Brantley, Claire – glass fused dish, Best of Show
  • Carlson, Melanie – Still-life scratch art, Excellent
  • Chiu, Zoe – photograph, Superior
  • Church, Molly – Book deconstruction flowers, Excellent
  • Fontaine, Taylor – “Apple Pie” clay visual pun, Excellent
  • Giuggio, Stella – Still-life scratch art, Best of Show
  • Glenn, Mia – Acrylic ½ cat painting, Excellent
  • Grimes, Abby – glass fused candle holder, Superior
  • Hodges, Emily – photograph, Superior
  • Hoyle, Jessica – “I’m a Handful” watercolor & pen, Excellent
  • Hudson, Michelle – Still-life scratch art, Excellent
  • Jia, Vivian – photograph, Best of Show
  • Meeson, Kate – Still-life scratch art, Superior
  • McNair, Ellie – “Crocaholic” croc shoe block print, Excellent
  • Murray, Caroline – Scratch art pig, Superior
  • Murray, Katie – wire moose, Excellent
  • Pittman, Avana – “Brain Freeze” visual pun, Superior
  • Rhoads, Madison – “Good Vibes” Vans acrylic painting, Best of Show
  • Robinson, Elle – Scratch art fox, Superior
  • Robinson, Lee – “Space Angel” silk resist circle, Superior
  • Robinson, Rebecca – “Tree of Life” silk resist circle, Superior
  • Russell, Madison – glass fused dish, Superior
  • Saenz, Christina – clay ice cream cone, Excellent
  • Saenz, Samantha – glass fused dish, Superior
  • Springer, Kennedy – acrylic self-portrait, Excellent
  • Stewart, Zoe – “Friday” visual pun, Superior
  • Straight, Morgan – “Deviled Egg” clay visual pun, Excellent
  • Taylor, Sophia – wire ballerina, Superior
  • Tharrington, Ally – photograph, Best of Show
  • Swecker, Elijah – glass fused dish, Excellent
  • Swecker, Hannah – clay ice cream cone, Superior
  • Warlick, Daniel – photograph, Superior
  • Wingerd, Caroline – Giacometti inspired sculpture, Best of Show