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Creative Writing Festival

GRACE Christian School participates in the annual ACSI Creative Writing Festival. Finalists for the ACSI event are selected from among entries submitted to our school level event. The GRACE and ACSI Creative Writing Festivals provide students with an opportunity to demonstrate their writing abilities and skills. This student activity is not a competition but rather a program geared to help students improve their creative writing abilities. Students in grades 4-12 are invited to participate. For a full list of rules and guidelines, read 2019 Creative Writing Festival Guidelines.

Art Contest Winners February 2018

Twenty-six GRACE photography and visual art students placed in the February District VI GWFC Arts Festival and the eleven that received first place awards will advance to the state level competition.

High School Categories

Black & White Photography

  • Morgan Kelley — 1st Place

Color Photography

  • Grace Son — 2nd Place

Metal Crafts

  • Sofia Pinzauti – 1st Place

Wood Crafts

  • Olivia Payne – 1st Place
  • Lela Arruza – 2nd Place

Paper Crafts

  • Lela Arruza –1st Place

Decorative Painting

  • Madison Russell – 3rd Place

Nature Craft

  • Lela Arruza – 1st Place
  • Lela Arruza – 2nd Place

Creative Stitchery

  • Rachael Litavecz – 1st Place
  • Sofia Pinzauti – 2nd Place

Dye Craft

  • Hannah Billings – 1st Place
  • Anna Feagans – 2nd Place


  • Hannah Swecker – 1st Place
    Lela Arruza – 2nd Place

Glass Craft

  • Sofia Pinzauti – 1st Place
    Rachael Litavecz – 2nd Place


  • Madison Rhoads – 2nd Place

Middle School Categories


  • Melanie Carlson- 2nd Place
  • Ava Mendez – 3rd Place

Creative Stitchery

  • Erica Epperly – 1st Place
  • Bri Gower – 2nd Place

Colored Drawing

  • Melanie Carlson – 2nd Place

Pastel Drawing

  • Hannah Fetterolf – 3rd Place

Maker Carts and Recycling

The Maker Carts on the lower campus allow us to engage our students in using their imaginations to solve problems with creative solutions. If you have ANY of the following, please drop them by the media center (library) on either campus.

  • paper snow cones                                
  • fake jewels
  • frozen juice can lids                            
  • medicine lids
  • plastic lids                                          
  •  empty thread spools
  • clothes pins                                          
  • oatmeal containers
  • wrapping paper (sheets)                      
  • CDs
  • bottle caps                                          
  • corks
  • wood blocks                                        
  • wood pieces (no bigger than your hand)
  • dixie cups                                            
  • party picks
  • dental floss                                          
  • buttons
  • milk cartons                                        
  • magnet sticks