Annual Fund

The Annual Fund will allow GRACE to invest in critical resource areas as we continue the process of Paving the Way to our Fourth Decade. Your gift to the Annual Fund enhances the school’s resources and ensures that GRACE students have exceptional opportunities in the areas of academics, technology, athletics, and fine arts, allowing them to impact their world for Christ. We invite you to partner with us in the following areas, or you may give freely as God gives to you, and the administration will determine where your gift will have the greatest benefit to the school program:

Technology & Curriculum (Opportunity): GRACE is a place of opportunity for staff, students, and parents. Student interest created the tech team which streams performances and athletic events throughout the year. New classes arise as adults are given the opportunity to teach subjects they are passionate about. Funds designated for technology & curriculum will be used to enhance the resources available to our students, including investments in technology (E4) and to fund new AP and elective classes.

Professional Development (Ability): GRACE is a place of ability where students young and old are challenged to grow in their wisdom and understanding. GRACE strives to provide rigorous challenge to our most academically gifted students as well as a helping hand to students who need more support to be able to soar with the eagles. Funds designated for professional development will be used to provide additional resources and training for our faculty. Gifts in this category may also be used to enhance the resources for learning differences and academically gifted learners (LEAP).

Fine Arts & Athletics (Community): GRACE is comprised of families who join together in community throughout the year. Sports teams and fine arts communities thrive as parents pitch in to do what is needed. Car pools, ticket sales, and concessions are all part of the GRACE extra-curricular experience. Students learn perseverance and teamwork and the value of being part of something bigger than themselves. Funds designated for fine arts & athletics will be used to support the fine arts (music, dance, drama, and art) and athletics (teams and facilities).

Missions & Service (Charity): GRACE strives to be known for its charity by being active in our local community as well as in outreach to domestic and international communities. Our elementary students learn the value of missions work and actively participate in both financial and prayer support of missionary activities. Middle and high school students serve in the local community and on missions trips. Within the school, the care team matches those who can help with GRACE families in need. Funds designated missions & service will be used to reach out to those in need through school and student community outreach projects and missions trips.

Unrestricted (Generosity): GRACE is a place of generosity where faculty, staff, parents, and students give their time, talent and resources to make GRACE a great place to be. Funds designated as unrestricted will be directed to the areas of greatest need, as determined by the board of trustees and the administration.

This is an exciting time at GRACE! Our future is bright with expanding opportunities to teach our students to use their gifts and talents for our Lord and to prepare them for all God has planned for their lives. Together, we can be part of God’s amazing work and support GRACE as it continues to provide a loving community that spiritually and academically equips, challenges and inspires students to impact their world for Christ.

There are two important aspects to the Annual Fund drive. The first is the ability to jump-start programs with additional funding. However, another important aspect relates to percentage participation. A high percentage participation of GRACE families in our Annual Fund drive conveys a strong sense of internal support, which is a key measure of stake-holder buy-in to potential donors outside the GRACE community. We realize that there are families at GRACE that don’t have the financial resources to make a substantial contribution to the Annual Fund at this time. But broad participation is essential; each family according to their means. No matter what the amount, please prayerfully consider being a part of this important work.

Join with us this year as we reach for our dual goals of $100,000 and 100% participation! Checks can be mailed to GRACE at 1101 Buck Jones Road, Raleigh, NC 27606 with “Annual Fund” written on the memo line.  Credit card donations can be made by clicking Donate to GRACE.