School Life

School Life

School Life describes academic and extra-curricular activities at GRACE.  To better navigate this section of the website, please note the information that is contained within each category. At the bottom of this page are frequently asked questions and answers.

Calendar & Bell Schedule: Includes the bell schedule for the current year, links to the detailed Academic and Athletic Calendars as well as a single page document that summarizes the full academic year with holidays, half days and important GRACE events noted.

Handbook & Forms: The Parent/Student Handbook is the document that will be referenced for all policies and procedures. If you have a question, please look to the Handbook first for your answer.  Along with the Handbook is an alphabetical list of all the GRACE forms.  Click the link, print and submit to the appropriate person.

GRACE Communities:  The heartbeat of GRACE is reflected in the communities that make up our school. Each group plays a part in making GRACE a great place to be.Within this section, you can gain information about: our

  • Parent Teacher Fellowship
  • Eagles Club,
  • Fine Arts Boosters
  • Golden Eagles
  • GRACE Business Directory
  • Alumni

Student Activities:  There are many opportunities for students at GRACE to come together to accomplish shared goals or to enjoy shared interests.

  • Community Service
  • National Honor Society
  • Student Council
  • Student Clubs
  • Social Events

Spiritual Opportunities: Ephesians tells us that God has a plan for everyone’s life. Recognizing that each child is unique and is gifted differently, GRACE desires to provide opportunities for GRACE students share their gifts with their local community and beyond.

  • Chapel & Chapel Elective
  • Missions Trips
  • Ministry Partners

Clothing & Dress Code: Whether you have questions on what to wear or when to wear it, you will find the answers to all your GRACE clothing questions here:

  • Dress Code
  • GRACE Days, PE & Spirit Wear
  • Dances (HS Only)

Homework & Grade Checks: Information about homework policies, make up work and academic eligibility for extra curricular activities.

Absences & Early Dismissal: Information about excused and unexcused absences as well as policies for checking out for appointments and senior early dismissal privileges.

Before & After Care: Information about the Raleigh Campus Before Care program and After Care on both campuses.

Hot Lunch: Information about how to order and pay for hot lunch.

Weather Policies: Information on GRACE’s policies related to inclement weather, school cancellations and delays.

Summer Camp: Information on GRACE summer camps, including camp descriptions and fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the school have a dress code? Yes, GRACE does have a dress code. The emphasis for the girls is on modesty with guidelines for the length of shorts/skirts/dresses and the fit/cut of blouses. The emphasis for the boys is on neatness; collared shirts and belted pants are expected. A complete list of dress code guidelines can be found on the Dress Code page.

What is GRACE’s cell phone policy? Cell phones should be turned off and/or put away during the time between the opening and dismissal bells. Phones that are seen/heard during the instructional day will be confiscated by the office for a minimum of 1 week. Subsequent violations result in longer durations. A complete description of the cell phone policy can be found in the GRACE Parent/Student Handbook located on the Handbook & Forms page.

When does school start and end?

  Start Time Regular Dismissal Time Half Day Dismissal Time
TK – 6th Grade 8:15am 3:00pm 11:45am
7th – 12th Grade 8:00am 3:15pm 11:55am

Does GRACE High School operate on a block schedule? GRACE high school students attend eight, 45-minute classes per day (plus a 30-minute lunch) throughout the year. GRACE does not operate on a block schedule and does not have “A” days and “B” days.

How do I order hot lunch? Hot lunches are ordered via RenWeb and paid with an e-check or credit card. Complete instructions for how to order lunch are found on the Hot Lunch page.

Where do I turn in forms, checks, etc.? On the 801 Campus (TK-6th), forms and checks can be turned in to your classroom teacher or in the office.  On the 1101 Campus (7th-12th) checks can be turned in the payment box or given to the front desk. Forms can be turned into the front desk “forms box”.

What do I do if I have lost something? Computers, cell phones, jewelry and keys can be turned in and/or claimed at the front desk.  On the 801 Campus (TK-6th), other items are periodically put out in the lobby to be claimed.  On the 1101 Campus (7th-12th), found items are placed on the shelf at the entrance to the lunchroom. Several times throughout the year unclaimed items are donated.

How do I order PE uniforms? PE Uniforms are ordered via our online store. Uniforms will be shipped directly to you from our online merchant. The PE department recommends 6th graders purchase 1 set and 7th-9th grade students and all students in the Crossroads Campus Cross Training elective class purchase 2 sets. See the PE Uniforms page for additional details.

How do I order Spirit Wear? Spirit wear is ordered via our online store and will be shipped directly to you from our online merchant. For more details on ordering and other spirit wear options, see the Spirit Wear page.

Do you have Before & After Care? Yes, we have before care on our Raleigh K-6 campus and After Care on both campuses until 6:00pm. You can find out all the details on the Before & After Care page.

What do I do if my student is home sick and will not be attending school? Email the appropriate campus office that your child is sick by 8:15am so that they can be marked excused for the day. ( or

What do I do if my student has a doctor’s appointment? Email the appropriate campus office ( or, come into the school and sign out your student and upon return, sign your student back in. Your student will receive an admission slip to return to class.

What do I do if I know my student will miss school due to a family event or need to leave school early for an event? Submit a Planned Absence form to the appropriate campus office at least one week in advance of the absence. You are allowed 5 pre-planned absences per year not including college visits for seniors.

How do I find out more information about using FACTS? FACTS is an outside vendor that GRACE uses to process our tuition payments. If you have questions specific to FACTS, please refer to the FACTS Website and their list of FAQs.

How do I pay for hot lunch for my student? Complete instructions for how to order lunch are found on the Hot Lunch page.

What happens if I have overdue fees? Report cards and student records are held for delinquent tuition, fees, or items not returned (books, sports uniforms, or computer items) for $10.00 or more.

How to I make online payments for athletic and other incidental fees? Online payments for athletics, before care, drop-in aftercare, or other incidental fees are made via RenWeb. Log on to RenWeb, click on Family Information, and then Family Billing. You can see all of the charges and payments by clicking “Details” for a specific area. Click PayNow to make a payment by e-check or credit card (Master Card, American Express or Discover Card).