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Order Spirit Wear

Click here to order GRACE Spirit Wear online.

Online orders are shipped directly to your home and may be ordered at any time during the year. In addition to purchasing spirit wear through the vendors mentioned above, students have opportunities to acquire spirit wear in other ways.  Each year students receive a GRACE t-shirt with the theme of the year. Theater ensembles create t-shirts to promote and commemorate their productions, and sports teams will often design a team shirt for the current season.  Additionally, the Fine Arts Boosters (FAB) have created a shirt with each performing group assigned a specific color, and our annual Play 4Kay fundraiser gives away shirts to a limited number of attendees at each year’s event.


Fridays are “GRACE Days” and students are encouraged to wear GRACE Spirit Wear with their dress-code approved pants/shorts/skirts.  Note: PE uniforms are not considered Spirit Wear.

In addition, the first Monday of every month is Senior Dress Down Day where high school seniors may wear collegiate logo t-shirts/sweatshirts and dress code approved blue jeans.