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Golden Eagles Grandparent Association

GRACE is proud of our Golden Eagles, a Grandparents’ Association for our grandparents who would like to get more involved at GRACE. This group is perfect for all of our local grandparents. Our grandparents meet every couple of months to plan events, collaborate on a newsletter, and to seek ways in which grandparents can become more involved within the GRACE community. Being a part of this group continues to be most rewarding. Many grandparents have already benefited from sharing their talents in making scarves, multiple sewing projects, and cutting coupons for the Military. We look forward to having you be a part of this friendly and JOY-ful (Just Older Youths) group of caring people!

Mission Statement
The GRACE Christian School Grandparent Association, also known as the Golden Eagles, is a vital part of the loving community that spiritually and academically equips, challenges, and inspires students to impact their world for Christ.  

The GRACE Christian School grandparents will be KNOWN and invited to engage, participate and serve the GRACE community using their gifts, talents, resources, and abilities to effectively follow God’s plan for their lives. 

There is a special bond that exists between a grandparent and a grandchild, and it’s our intention and desire to engage grandparents in the educational process of their grandchildren. At GRACE, we want to provide an engaging and enriching environment that allows our community to thrive and be known as a multi-generational community that equips students for life.

How can you get involved in the thriving multi-generational community of GRACE Christian School?


  • Volunteering: in classrooms, hot lunch, events, field trips, and library 
  • Mentoring: tutoring in math, science, reading, and writing, substitute teacher, career counseling, coaching
  • Philanthropic Giving: major donors, business partnership, capital campaign leadership, and auction procurement
  • Career counseling:  mentorship, internships, and job shadowing

Philanthropic Activity: 

  • Grandparent Garden – A garden project on the Lower Campus to build an outdoor classroom, shelter, and maintain the garden for students to learn and enjoy.
  • Golden Eagle Bus – Donate towards a new school bus.
  • Business Sponsors – Participate as a business sponsor or auction donor to contribute to the Annual Fund.

Contact Michele Bandy, Advancement and Events Coordinator at 919-747-2020 ext. 2055.