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PTF (Parent Teacher Fellowship)

GRACE is pleased to partner with parents in the education of their children. Parents are encouraged to be involved in their child’s education and the school’s ministry. GRACE encourages and supports parental involvement in classroom activities. They often assist in classrooms, help organize and chaperone field trips and special activities, and host class parties.

The Parent Teacher Fellowship (PTF) at GRACE is organized to support the instructional program and to provide opportunities for parent involvement. Parents provide encouragement to faculty and staff through teacher appreciation events. PTF committees provide parents with opportunities to become involved in the school in the areas of their respective interests and expertise. The various committees work together to promote fellowship & unity throughout GRACE. PTF also partners with administration to provide school wide education events for parents. The PTF motto of “partners working together for our children” reflects the spirit of cooperation that exists between the school and home.

GRACE PTF Officers 2017-2018

GRACE PTF Committees & Committee Heads 2017-2018

Please contact the committee chairmen listed below if you would like to help:

  • Care Team: Offers extra support to our families (e.g., new baby, loss of family member, deployed spouse, illness). We are respectful of confidential requests. K6 Raleigh Campus Care Team led by Leah Donovan and Debbie Kiredjan. The 7-12 Crossroads Campus Care Team led by Martha Corregan and Kyrie Bradford. Submit a request via the online Care Team Request Form. All requests are confidential.
  • Christmas Cookies & Christmas Store Committee: Organizes a cookie exchange for our faculty and staff in the month of December. Also organizes the GRACE Christmas store where elementary students TK-5 buy Christmas presents for mom and dad. Parent volunteers are needed to help staff the store. Led by Cindy BagwellPatty Sullivan and Heather Clugston.
  • Family Fellowship (Elementary School): Organizes TK-6 GRACE student and family fellowship events (Cold Stone, Back to School Bash, etc.) throughout the school year. Led by TBD.
  • Family Fellowship (Middle School): Organizes GRACE middle school fellowship events (Defy Gravity, ziplining, etc.) throughout the school year. Led by Lisa Michaelsen.
  • GoPlaySave Fundraiser Committee: Organizes the sale of the GoPlaySave books, whose proceeds benefit GRACE PTF and the school. Led by Leah Donovan and Georgi Murray.
  • Hospitality Committee: Coordinates teacher/staff back-to-school and appreciation lunches throughout the school year. Led by TBD.
  • Intellectual Capital / Google Docs: Manages all google docs (committee notes, forms, documents, etc.) for PTF committees. Led by Trudy Hewitt.
  • Men of GRACE: Offers GRACE dads opportunities for fellowship and service projects within our school. Led by Greg Robinson.
  • New Family Welcome: Welcomes new families to GRACE. Also organizes special events where new families can connect with both current and new GRACE families. Elementary School Welcome led by Justine Woodworth.  Middle/High School Welcome led by Karen Harrison.
  • Prayer Committee: Leads weekly prayer meetings to pray for our school. Led by Lucille Sossaman.
  • Room Parent Coordinator (TK-6): Leads and supports the classroom room parents as they, in turn, provide  support for the teachers, parents, and students throughout the year. Led by Led by Trudy Hewitt. For more information on the responsibilities of a Room Parent, read Lower Campus Room Parent Responsibilities
  • Grade Parent Coordinator (7-12):  Leads and supports the grade level parents as they, in turn, provide organizational support for the teachers, parents, and students throughout the year.  Led by TBD.
  • ”We Love You Wednesdays” (WLYW) Coordinator (7-12): Organizes special “We Love You Wednesday” celebrations in appreciation of GRACE teachers and staff. Led by Hannah Meeson and Cindilee Thorne.
  • Social Media Coordinators: Led by Jennifer Quirk
  • Spirit Restaurant Night Coordinator: Plans family dining events at local restaurants. In turn, GRACE receives a percentage of the sales. Led by Megan Lisiecki