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Missions Trips

We believe you cannot be too young to serve.  Therefore, we desire our students to participate in one of our missions trips throughout the school year to serve Jesus by loving others.  We have seen the students on these trips grow, mature, and step out in leadership roles on and off our campus after they go serve.  It’s an incredible thing to watch.

We partner with an organization called LeaderTreks who connects our student team with a local ministry to help serve and love those in need in their community.  Through the local church, LeaderTreks identifies people who need work on their homes.  This gives our student team the opportunity to help people in their greatest need while insuring that follow-up by the local pastors/ministries takes place.  The service projects can range from yard clean-up to building a deck and everything in between.  The team also does a relational outreach program at local churches or in local neighborhoods (depending on need).

Middle School

During the fall semester of the 2014-2015 school year our 7th-8th graders had the opportunity to serve the community of Manchester, Kentucky.  They built a ramp and deck for an older couple so they could easily get in and out of out of their home using their motorized wheelchair.  The students also led and plan a program called “Wacky Wednesday.”  Students  led songs, games, small groups, and shared their testimonies with 30-40 children.

2014 Team:

  1. David Bandy (8th)
  2. Molly Church (8th)
  3. Matt Dempsey (8th)
  4. Tim Edwards (8th)
  5. Jonathan Estes (8th)
  6. Ansley Franks (7th)
  7. Beth Gehringer (8th)
  8. Cathy Gehringer (8th)
  9. Grace German (8th)
  10. Vinny Giuggio (8th)
  11. Matthew O’Conner (8th)
  12. Katherine Tharrington (8th)
  13. Hanna Vaglio (8th)
  14. Diana White (8th)
  15. Chris Scro (10th – Student Leader)
  16. Nolan Lory (10th – Student Leader)
  17. Mrs. Paula Welch
  18. Mr. Larry Welch
  19. Mr. Isaiah Whelpley


High School

Adventure: During the spring semester of the 2014-2015 school year our 9th-12th grade students had the opportunity to participate on an “Adventure Trip.”  An Adventure trip combines the challenging environments of wilderness and mission trips.  The student team began their trip hiking in Western North Carolina learning how to lead and work together as a team.  The second part of the trip was serving and reaching out to the community of Manchester, Kentucky.

2015 Team:

  1. Emma Cole (10th)
  2. Kirsten Hale (9th)
  3. Olivia Grace Horan (9th)
  4. Victoria Kent (11th)
  5. Christian Lauffer (10th)
  6. Nolan Lory (10th)
  7. Joyella Lufuma (11th)
  8. Andrew Morrow (10th)
  9. Blake Myers (9th)
  10. Olivia Payne (9th)
  11. Sofia Pinzauti (9th)
  12. Jake Schultz (10th)
  13. Chris Scro (10th)
  14. Mrs. Jennifer Bomgardner
  15. Mr. Isaiah Whelpley


International: During the spring semester of the 2014-2015 school year our 11th-12th graders had the opportunity to continue in servant leadership by serving overseas in San Jose, Costa Rica.  This trip provided students the opportunity to plan, lead, and organize the entire trip.  Two student leaders were chosen to lead their team and every participant had a specific role in which they were responsible.  Students partnered with a local ministry called Casa Viva serving those in extreme poverty.  The team planned and organized a 4 day VBS for the local children where they had the opportunity to share the gospel.

2015 Team:

  1. Hannah Brown (12th)
  2. Alex Dolwick (12th)
  3. Kate Hayne (11th)
  4. Nico Hillmann (12th)
  5. Matt Horan (11th)
  6. David McLain (12th)
  7. Jenn Meakem (12th)
  8. Kim Scro (12th)
  9. Rebecca Shoulars (11th)
  10. Courtney Zeckman (12th)
  11. Mrs. Mandy Gill
  12. Mr. Zane Smitley