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Student Clubs

Each year on the Upper Campus, students in grades 7-12 participate in a Club Fair.  In advance of the club fair, all students are encouraged to come up with an idea for a club.  After gaining administration approval and a faculty sponsor, students are able to promote their club at the club fair. 

The following is the list of student clubs that met during the 2018-2019 school year. For information on a particular club, contact the student leader of each club listed below.

  • Chess Club: Trek Thorne
  • 12th Grade Games Group: Trek Thorne
  • Off Season Running Club: Trek Thorne and Vinny Giuggio 
  • Soccer Club: Daniel Griffith and Stefan Kholobayeva
  • Math Club: Luke Robinson
  • Christian Students Providing Community Service: Summer Laskey and Avery Hawley
  • Video Game Design: Billy McCarthy
  • Art Club: Lela Arruza
  • Acapella Club: Nyle Nwainokpor, Claire Storum, and Grace German
  • Meteorology Club: Audrey Lloyd
  • Warriors Club: Lisa Scheiern
  • Adventure Club: Grace German and Katherine Matthes
  • SSBC Club: Ben Rodgers, Simon Rogers, and Nathan Carlson
  • Latin Club: Devon Willard
  • Green Club: Ellie McNair and Ashleigh Williamson
  • International Club: Vivien jia
  • Fan Club: Jonas Lodholz, Megan Boutwell, and Garrett Keen
  • SCRUBS Club: Lillian Rutledge