Summer Camp

Lego Robotics & Video Game Design


Lego Robotics Camp


Campers will learn the basics of the lego robotics system and use their new skills to design, build, and program their own robots. Step-by-step instructions will NOT be provided: campers are required to make their own creative solutions to challenges, using their skills of spatial reasoning and programming fluency. Through comprehensive hands-on personal instruction, they will develop the skills they need to accomplish the presented goals. Each student shares a lego robotics set with a partner, so learning to work as a team is just as important as learning to make a robot. Each week of Lego Robotics has a different specialization after the general education of the basic systems.


These camps are only offered as half day options. Morning sessions (9-12pm) are reserved for campers going into 5th grade – 8th grade, and afternoon sessions (1-4pm) are for grades 3rd – 5th. Early bird registration cost is $160 by April 1st. After April 1st the price is $175. Before care and after care options will be available depending on morning of afternoon selections. 

Advanced Constructs 
Advanced Constructs will feature advanced construction challenges and techniques, requiring creative use of the Legos included in the set. Emphasis will be placed on alternate modes of manipulation and transportation, such as claw arms and fully functional legs. Challenges will be focused on obstacle courses, with robots needing to move around, over, or through obstructions.

Digital Life
Digital Life focuses on the robots’ nature as developing constructs, by having the students create predator/prey relations between different robots. Two teams will be tasked with creating predator robots that pursue and capture prey (or other predator!) robots. The other three teams will be assigned the task of creating successful prey robots that evade capture. Therefore, the designs of the robots will change and improve as the teams learn more about Lego robotics, and as the robots they compete with develop.

Multi-Robot Cooperation
Multi-Robot Cooperation will fully explore the possibilities of robot-to-robot communication, requiring several or all of the robots to cooperate to accomplish complex tasks.

Robot Competition
Robot Competition will focus on direct competition between the robots. Two robots are placed in a ring: the first robot to incapacitate the other robot or remove it from the ring is the winner. This is not done in a formal “bracket” type of competition: instead, combats are simply test runs to continually improve and develop all the robots into increasingly more efficient designs. At the end of the week, campers will be able to construct, program, and repair their robot, using compact construction, efficient bug-free code, and familiarity with the Lego Mindstorms system.


Video Game Design Camp


Video Game Design 1
Campers will learn the simple but versatile drag-and-drop programming language of Scratch, a program designer created by MIT students. Students will create their own games from scratch, exploring concepts of game design while they create and bug fix their own code, and help other students fix theirs. By the end of the course, they will have a functional understanding of Scratch, and a useful knowledge of how programs in general function.


Video Game Design 2
This camp is designed for campers who understand how Scratch works, and are ready to learn and apply tenets of game design to their programs. Aesthetics, game balance, and game challenge will be explored in depth: rather than making mere proof-of-concept programs, campers will be able to create fully functional mini-games by the end of the week. Video Game Design 1 camp is not required for participation in this camp.