Summer Camp

Sport Camps



Basketball camp is a half day of camp available for rising 1st-8th graders that will include skill and character development, camp t-shirt, one pass to attend a skills training workshop in 2017.  


DeShannon “Coach D” Morris is the Head Coach for the Varsity Boys Basketball team and a teacher at GRACE. He understands commitment, sacrifice, dedication, and the positive attitude that it takes to motivate young people to become successful student-athletes. That is what drives his love of coaching, teaching, and mentoring youth both on and off the court.

Following high school, Coach D served in the US Navy for three years, following his service he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religion and Philosophy from Shaw University. He enjoyed playing college basketball for two seasons and his success on the court gave him a passion for coaching career. Since 1999, Coach D has coached in a number of venues, including the YMCA, AAU, High School Private Sector, and Elite Showcase teams.

COST:  $175 per week  (early bird special $160 if registered by April 1st)  space is limited, so sign up early!




Campers (available for rising grades 3-8) will be introduced to the basic skills and techniques associated with Cross Country. These include: dynamic and static stretching, plyometrics, core strength, balance, running mechanics, speed development, endurance development, and race strategy. We will also explore running-related topics like nutrition, hydration, proper running equipment, and keeping a running journal. 

The joy of running will be emphasized by encouraging campers to have a blast while pushing themselves physically. A positive and encouraging environment will be promoted by team games and friendly competitions that emphasize that you strive to do your best! This camp wants to inspire life-long runners!

God has blessed all of his children with many awesome gifts. For athletes, the ability to train, compete, and encourage teammates is a great way to express the gifts we’ve been given. Camp will have an interactive daily devotional time that shares what scriptures say about running (e.g., Hebrews 12:1; 1 Corinthians 9:25) and communicate how self-discipline and focused physical effort can bring us closer to our Savior. 

COST:  $175 per week  (early bird special $160 if registered by April 1st)  space is limited, so sign up early! 



COST:  $175 per week  (early bird special $160 if registered by April 1st)  space is limited, so sign up early!