EdTech for Teachers

Technology Tools

Every time you turn around, there is a new technology tool.  Here are a few places to find the tool you need:

  • GRACE’s Tech Tool Livebinder: A Livebinder full of tools created by our own Media Specialist Daniel O’Brien.
  • EdShelf: Their own description: “A socially-curated discovery engine of websites, mobile apps, desktop programs, and electronic products for teaching and learning.”  There is a great search tool to help you find just the right tool.
  • Free Tech for Teachers: Richard Byrne’s website is like Twitter for tech tools: he writes a lot of short posts on the newest things. It’s overwhelming if you get it sent to your inbox since he posts several times a day, but it’s a great place to search if you’re looking for tool since he reviews so many tools. 
  • Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: Another one that has a clunky website but is full of goodness. Sections on general Edtech tools, Chrome tools, and apps for various platforms. They really like charts and infographics; many posts feature these.
  • Graphite by Common Sense Media: Common Sense Media does a great job helping teachers and parents find appropriate media and tools.  Graphite specifically reviews educational technology tools.  One annoying thing: you are forced to browse since there isn’t a search feature. You can follow their postings via Facebook or email.
  • Kathy Schrock’s Guide to Everything: Kathy Schrock is a giant in educational technology. If there is a topic in educational technology to make a list about, she has that list.  She has a massive list of web tools sorted by purpose, tons on 3D printing in the classroom,  and great sources on Chromebooks in the classroom. She’s often the first place to look for a difficult to find rubric: Assessments and Rubrics list will help you find a rubric for student-created websites or infographic design.