EdTech for Teachers

Training & Professional Development

There are many places to learn about technology, but here are a few that the IT department has found useful.

GRACE Technology:


This section contains websites that talk mostly the philosophy or strategies of technology in education.  If you want websites that have mostly technology tools, look on the “Tech Tools” page

  • Edutopia: Edutopia (George Lucas’ education foundation) will tell you what the latest trends are in education. They produce quality, thorough content.  Their “Core Concepts” page is a great place to start.  Core Concepts are Comprehensive Assessment, Integrated Studies (i.e. Cross-curricular), Project-Based Learning, Social and Emotional Learning, Teacher Development, and Technology Integration.
  • TeachThought: A great website for digging into 21st-century teaching, with sections on Critical Thinking, Teacher, Learning, and the Future of Learning.
  • Tech & Learning: You can access Tech & Learning’s information in many ways: a daily email digest, the print magazine, or the website. I find their blogs especially useful for keeping up with education news.
  • Cult of Pedagogy: A former teacher gathers information on 21st century education, from Tech Tools to tips on co-teaching to book reviews.  She posts about once a week (much less than other blogs) so this is a great start if you want to just follow one blog and not be too overwhelmed.  She also has podcasts.
  • MindShift: According to their website, “MindShift explores the future of learning in all its dimensions.”  There are articles on teaching strategies, big ideas, digital tools, games, growth mindset, and culture.


There are many conferences that focus on educational technology. Conferences are often a great way to recharge your education batteries and get a spark of inspiration as well. In lieu of listing all of them here, here are two types of conferences you may wish to attend:

  • MakerFaires: These are billed as “The Greatest Show (&Tell) on Earth,” and they bring together community members, educators, artists, teachers, and children to showcase things they have made. Made items can be using technology (e.g. a robot) or not (e.g. kites that fly in a wind tunnel). They are fun places to enjoy creativity and get inspired, and the cost is usually minimal or free. If you have kids, they will probably enjoy going too! To find one, search here.
  • Edcamps: At GRACE, we run our own in-house Edcamp, but we admittedly leave out features of most Edcamps. The biggest one is most Edcamps don’t have a list of sessions before the date; the participants decide on sessions once they are there based on what they want to learn. You’ll almost always find tons of sessions on educational technology. Edcamps are always free. Find an Edcamp here.


  • edWeb: Huge resource for webinars on many topics, including classroom design, coding and robotics, differentiating instruction with technology, game-based learning, and tech tools for the classroom.
  • ASCD webinars: Fewer choices, but great speakers on topics such as “The New Art and Science of Teaching” (Robert J. Marzano) and “Cultivating Curiosity in Your Classroom” (Wendy Ostroff).
  • Tech & Learning webinars: These webinars are very technology focused, so if you’re wanting tips on digital differentiation or adaptive math software, this might be the place.