Top Notch School

Top notch school!

My daughter transitioned in to GRACE in 7th grade and it was seamless. Her experience here has been completely positive -- she loves the environment, the staff, the curriculum, and loves being part of a Christian school. Thank you, GRACE, for making this such a special school.

Teachers are Greatest Asset

Teachers are their greatest asset

Since your students are going to be spending a great portion of their day with adults, it is these adults (the teachers at GRACE) that you would want influencing their lives. As GRACE grows and adds resources year by year, the teachers are still their greatest assets.

What a Difference it has Made

What a difference GRACE has made in my child. Great school! We just moved to the area and have been here 3 months. We enrolled our child into the 6th grade. We were looking for a school that had good academics, an athletic department with variety, and was up to date in today's society with electronics. This school by far surpasses all our expectations! Everyone is so friendly and helpful! We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience so far. This is our first time attending a private school but I can honestly say that I will never go back to public! What a difference it has made in my child.

We Feel So Blessed

We feel so blessed to be at GRACE!

We feel so blessed that our son has been part of this nurturing but still challenging environment. He has thrived at GRACE Christian and we think he's very well prepared for college. The teachers, staff, administration, and board have established a school, that first and foremost, develops Christian character in the young people. The school has great Advanced Placement opportunities; great athletic opportunities; as well as great community service opportunities. The teachers are outstanding. Every single one our son has had has gone above and beyond the instruction (which is superlative) to be models of what it means to be a Godly person. We could not be more pleased with our experience at GCS.

Thrilled to Work Here

Thrilled to work here

I have been teaching at GRACE for 11 years, and I hope to teach here until I retire or die. I'm encouraged to have high expectations of my students but am also allowed to support them and give grace to them where I deem it appropriate. I am constantly thrilled that I work here. After three years in the public school system, I know the blessing it is to be at GRACE Christian School.

Nice and Cooperative

Everybody at GRACE Christian is so nice and cooperative.

We are pleased our grandson is a member of the Kindergarten class at GRACE Christian. We enjoy the attitude they teach of putting others first and helping others, being kind, considerate, mannerly ... saying "yes mam, thank you, and please" and learning to share. We also are pleased with the Bible verses he is learning each week and Bible stories he is being taught. We like that he is happy and has a desire to know more and to always be in school. His teacher has instigated a real desire in him to learn. She knows how to boost his confidence. We are comfortable he is in a safe environment. Everybody at GRACE Christian is so nice and cooperative. We feel he is being blessed everyday and we are grateful.

Impressed with Curriculum

I have been very impressed with the curriculum. I am a grandparent with two grandchildren at GRACE. I have been very impressed with the curriculum and what my grandchildren learn. Most of all, I'm impressed with the caring, compassionate, very able teachers and principal. They have been wonderful working through problems my grandchildren have had with school work as well as emotional problems and my grandchildren are just doing great. We had one very difficult year with one of the children and I know she would not have made it through at year at public school. The teachers were so kind and understanding and worked with her and her parents and now she is just doing great. I love GRACE!

Highly Recommend GCS

I highly recommend GRACE Christian School!

GRACE is a safe, loving environment for my children to learn and grow in. The academics are fantastic, the staff is loving and the students are kind, eager learners. I highly recommend GRACE Christian School!

Loving and Caring

GRACE provides a safe, loving, and caring place for my children.
I love this school and so do my kids. The facilities are wonderful and the teachers are great. I am so thankful that we found GRACE. I have a child that has some challenges with learning and the LEAP Program has helped him overcome them with dignity. It is a wonderful place!

Inviting and Welcoming

This school is very inviting and welcoming. The academics are first rate. We as grandparents, along with the parents, chose this school for a lot of reasons. The first reason being because of the Christian values they bring to our young and impressionable granddaughter. The second being the kind and caring staff that provides excellent academic learning experiences. There are many opportunities for the children to be involved in activities, sports and clubs. I think this is important for a well rounded experience. Overall, this school tops most in the state of North Carolina.

Highly Recommend

I highly recommend this school to family and friends. GRACE Christian in Raleigh is a wonderful school. The teachers are very loving and care about our children's education and well-being. It feels like a big family.

Grateful for the Impact of GRACE

At GRACE, the teachers and coaches have developed meaningful relationships with my sons, encouraging them to learn to their best ability, to grow in their leadership skills, and to take their faith seriously. One son is doing exceptionally well at UNC - Chapel Hill, and the other hopes to attend there next year.

Couldn’t Be Happier

We are new to GRACE this year and couldn't be happier. The school is very organized and inviting. My child's teacher is talented, organized, committed, and faith-filled. We receive constant communication and know exactly what is happening in the classroom and elsewhere on the school campus. The curriculum is appropriate and taught in creative ways. The children in my child's third grade class are sweet and well-behaved. There are many events that happen outside of school hours, such as tailgates, talent shows, plays, and moms night out. We are so happy that we made the switch to GRACE Christian School.

Caring, Loving Atmosphere

The caring, loving atmosphere is wonderful! This school is academically challenging with teachers that will help the children succeed. We came from the public school system and the teachers helped my kids catch up! The students care about learning and help each other be successful. This school helps them become great students and wonderful individuals. They provide many ways for the kids to be involved whether in sports, clubs, etc.

Blessed to be part of the GRACE Family

GRACE Christian is a wonderful school to be a part of. The teachers are outstanding in knowledge, character, and grace. Technology is at the forefront of education and many teaching styles are implemented, reaching students of varying learning types. The leadership (office staff, principals, and head of school) are constantly striving for excellence and seeking the Lord in all areas of serving the school. We are blessed to be part of the GRACE Christian Family.

Love the Focus at GRACE

Excellent mix of high academics and modern technology with a very strong emphasis on character, service, and community. Love the focus at GRACE!

Great Community at GRACE

My family and I are so pleased to have found a great community at GRACE! The academics are strong, the teachers are gifted, and the administration is supportive. Truly, GRACE is a healthy and vibrant learning community. The word community is not used loosely at GRACE. It really does feel like home. Parents, students, and staff care for one another in times of need. In addition, they celebrate each others' successes. At the upper level, GRACE does an excellent job at raising students up into leadership. Their chapel program is student-led as are the mission trips offered to middle and high schoolers. We love GRACE. We would not choose any other school!

Living the Mission Statement

GCS's mission statement is "GRACE Christian School is a loving community that spiritually and academically equips, challenges, and inspires students to impact their world for Christ." We felt the loving community aspect when we toured the school for our then preschool and kindergarten daughters. This loving community joins each member as a true family that cares for one another during hardships--they have a Care Committee. The school definitely spiritually equips our daughters. Bible is taught everyday and each class incorporates God's teachings. Chapel each week is a time of Praise and Worship with their peers. Our school is big on community service. Our daughters are given the opportunity to serve others in our community, outside our state, and outside our country. Academically our daughters are challenged daily. The teachers desire for each student to truly learn and not simply just memorize material for a test. Our teachers are on fire for Christ! They love teaching our students academics as well as inspiring them to be leaders in this world. Our administration is always accessible and available with listening ears. We've been at GRACE for 10 years.

Challenging, Enriching, Rewarding

GRACE Christian School (GCS) fosters a challenging, enriching, and rewarding academic program with excellent educators and support staff. GCS has a wonderful campus facility and is an innovative leader in the use of technology to enhance student learning. GCS has an exceptional sports program with knowledgeable and skilled coaches/teachers that inspire and motivate competition while maintaining Christian beliefs and respect for others.

Wonderful Foundation

This our eleventh year at GRACE. God is good and has provided my children with a wonderful academic and Biblical foundation.

Makes Learning Easy & Fun

GRACE Christian School is a school that makes learning fun and easy. Everyone is so nice and encouraging. When you are new, the students and staff welcome you in the kindest ways - you feel like you have been there for awhile. Teachers help if you don't get something in the class. I like the lunch time the best because I can hang out with my friends and play games with them. We have some days to help others in need or to spend time with Christ. GRACE Christian also bring the students closer to God and to each other. Every class has something to relate or has to do with Christ and God. GRACE Christian also makes you want to make life goals or ways to make something better. They show you what path to take to be successful in life.

Surpassed our Expectations

If you are looking for a quality education for your child (ren) that meets and exceeds all the requirements and then some, you have come to the right school. Not only are the academics top notch they are taught through caring, loving, patient, devoted, well educated and most importantly Christian based teachers and leadership. We wanted our child to not only experience living for the Lord in our home but to have it reinforced daily at the school he attends and to be surrounded by all who believes the same. This school has met and far surpassed our expectations in this category but truly the level of learning and how they are taught is just amazing in itself. Look no further as you will be blessed as we are for being a part of this fine organization.

Outstanding Academics

Outstanding academics and teachers! Highly recommend this school for anyone looking at a Christian private school setting!

Loving Community

GRACE exemplifies what a loving community is all about! The school not only provides a wonderful education, but it goes a step further in developing and molding the heart condition of every child by emphasizing, on a daily basis, that Christ teaches us how to love others.

Organized and Proactive

Highly organized and pro-active with the students and parents. Consistent communication provided through email to keep parents in the loop on any and all events, goings on, etc. Staff and faculty are very in tune with curriculum, kids progress and welfare and are energetic and friendly. Quite a change coming from public schools just last year. We are very excited to see our two kids progress to broadening their knowledge, whom care about others, provide volunteer work for the community, become more independent and confident in their abilities.

A Wonderful School

GRACE Christian is a wonderful school to be a part of. The teachers are outstanding in knowledge, character, and grace. Technology is at the forefront of education and many teaching styles are implemented, reaching students of varying learning types. The leadership (office staff, principals, and head of school) is constantly striving for excellence and seeking the Lord in all areas of serving the school. We are blessed to be part of the GRACE Christian Family.

Unbelievable Academic Environment

GRACE Christian School is an unbelievable academic environment! Both our daughters have been there since kindergarten and are enrolled in high school currently. GRACE is always on the cutting edge as MacBooks are issued to the students for the entire school year. The teachers and leadership at the school are the best. Not only are they academically prepared to handle classroom teaching, they are true teachers who instill in the students the highest standard of ethics and morals that will be with them a lifetime. The entire GRACE family supports one another and truly has each student's best interest at heart, whether in the classroom or on the sports field or elsewhere. GRACE is a not just a school, a but true Christian based learning experience through elementary, middle school, and high school.

Nothing But Impressed

I have been nothing but impressed with the teacher quality and willingness to give students all that they need. The principals are terrific as is the headmaster of the school. The class size is terrific and the teachers push the students to learn all they can.

We are so Thankful for GRACE

This is our third year at GRACE and each year we discover more reasons to be invested in this school. Our kids are given a solid academic foundation while being able to explore their talents. The faculty cares about their academic AND spiritual growth. Many opportunities are given to be involved in the classroom, lunchroom, on PTF (Parent Teacher Fellowship), sports, advisory boards, etc. The more parents and students get involved in the school, the more community is built. We are so thankful for GRACE!

Biblical Foundation & Excellent Academics

GRACE Christian School is a loving school that offers exceptional academics. From the moment I toured I felt GRACE was the place for my children. The warm environment, smiles on the teachers faces and exceptional academic program offers it all for my children. The technology program is the best in the area. My daughters have been using a Smartboard since kindergarten and were then handed their very own Macbook in 4th grade. This was included in the tuition price! As a parent I know my children are receiving a biblical foundation along with the very best academics.

Teachers that Really Care

GRACE Christian School is a faith based school with strong academics and a very family friendly atmosphere. My son loves going to school and I love that he is able to pray and learn about God while also learning the core curriculum. The teachers are wonderful and really care about the kids and growing their faith in God as well as preparing them for college.

Small But Wonderful

My school is small but absolutely wonderful! Because we are small, we have a small teacher/student ratio, allowing students to really get to know our teachers and other students. As a 7th grader coming into GRACE, I knew upperclassmen. As a junior now, I know the freshman. We are small but because of this, I know every person in my grade by name and almost every person from 7th through 12th grade on a first-name basis. However, just because we are small does not mean we are not an effective school. Everyone at GRACE gets a full education and our staff teaches us everything we need to know, to not only pass the class, but also to help us grow as people. I have been at this school since Kindergarten, and there was never a time I would ever consider leaving.

GRACE has been a blessing to my family

GRACE has been a blessing to my family. It has been worth the trip
across town every day for the quality instruction and guidance that I know has made a difference for my kids.