School History

GRACE Christian school began in 1984 as Mount Olivet Christian School. The senior pastor of Mount Olivet Baptist Church and a number of parents and educators within the church had a desire to provide a Christ-centered education for boys and girls in Raleigh. When the school opened in the fall, it began with two and three year olds and preschool through third grade students. One hallway of classrooms in the church was the beginning of a new Christian school for Raleigh.

Each year saw increased enrollment and the addition of grades to complete the elementary school. The two and three year old classes were soon dropped to allow more focus on an elementary school program. As the school became known in the area for its solid academic preparation, the church built a two story educational building to provide needed classroom space.

In the early 1990’s, the middle school grades were added, and interest was expressed in the school adopting a classical approach to education. The school soon began its transition to classical teaching methods and curriculum.

In the 1994-1995 school year, and with the blessings of Mount Olivet Baptist Church, the school became an independent Christian, classical school called GRACE Christian School. The name was chosen for the word “grace” – remembering the grace given to us by our Savior and because GRACE stands for “Greater Raleigh Area Christian Education” – signifying the vision to reach beyond the school’s immediate neighborhood.

GRACE Christian School continued to lease space from Mount Olivet during the transition to an independent and classical school. Mission trips began for the middle school grades, and modular classrooms were added for needed space.

GRACE partnered with Regent School to begin a classical high school, Trinity Academy. Many parents still wanted GRACE to have its own high school, so after just a couple of years, GRACE began its own high school adding a grade each year. A neighboring church, Raleigh First Assembly, provided GRACE the space to house its high school classes.

To meet the needs of the growing school, the GRACE Board of Directors soon selected a search committee to find suitable property for purchase or lease. The Lord had His own plans. A generous Christian donor gave the school property on Buck Jones Road, and construction soon began on a new building.

The campus at 801 Buck Jones Road opened in the fall of 2003 complete with science and computer labs, and a gym. The first senior class graduated in the spring of 2004.

The move to the new building allowed GRACE the space to grow and to provide Christian education for many more children and youth. Curriculum choices were expanded, and the fine arts and athletics programs grew. Middle and high school students became involved in community outreach and annual mission trips. Graduates of GRACE were accepted into a variety of colleges and universities.

Interest in the school and enrollment increased so much that, in just five years, more space was needed. In the fall of 2008, the 7th – 12th grade classes were moved into two beautifully renovated buildings at 1101 Buck Jones Road, the new Crossroads Campus. As first year middle school students, sixth graders, remain at the Raleigh Campus allowing students a smooth transition into middle school scheduling and opportunities to provide student leadership to the elementary school.

Today, in its 32nd year of operation, GRACE Christian School continues to provide a Christ-centered education to hundreds of young men and women. The Lord has blessed the school with strong Christian teachers who provide instruction that prepares students both spiritually and academically. Board leadership and parent involvement are also strengths of the school. The school’s strong sense of community provides a loving atmosphere where students are encouraged and inspired to develop and use all the abilities God has given them.