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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Admissions process include and how long does it take?
The admissions process includes an online application with supplemental documentation, an admissions assessment, and a virtual family interview. We do our very best to ensure a smooth, efficient, and timely admissions process! The length of the process varies due to the timeliness of submission of all documents, the response time of teacher recommendations, scheduling and completion of testing, etc. A GRACE Admissions specialist will communicate throughout to ensure all materials are submitted promptly. 
Is there a deadline for applications? Do you have a waitlist?
We are "rolling admissions", meaning once we open applications in December, we process them as they come until we fill all enrollment seats. Once we have reached capacity, we collect a discounted wait pool application. GRACE utilizes a wait pool, rather than a waitlist. If a seat becomes available, the admissions department will contact a wait pool applicant to process the remainder of the application fee and begin the admissions process for the available enrollment seat. 
Are sibling applications processed together?
Sibling applications are processed independently, however, their applications are finalized together due to the final step of our admissions process being the virtual family interview where all siblings will participate. Thus, their admissions decisions are communicated at the same time.
Are the application and enrollment fees refundable?
All Admissions fees are one-time, non-refundable fees that do not go toward the price of tuition. 
Does my student have to take the ISEE Admissions Assessment before applying? What is ISEE?
ISEE is an assessment provided by a third-party vendor for students applying in 3rd-12th grade. Students can register on the ISEE website to take the exam before or after applying to GRACE. Completion of ISEE is an essential step in the admissions process that must be completed before moving further in the process, so if taken before, it can expedite the time spent in the admissions process. Your student can take ISEE at any testing site or in the comfort of your own home.  
What documents are required to apply for the LEAP program for students with learning differences?
First, please visit the learning differences page on our website to learn about program requirements, specific criteria, and availability. Qualified candidates for admissions to the LEAP program is determined through the GRACE Admissions process. To apply, a student must meet program criteria and have a diagnosed learning disability that is outlined in a psycho-educational evaluation that has been administered within the last 3 years. If you have specific questions about our LEAP program, please contact Dominque Reid, LEAP Director at [email protected]
*If you are applying for LEAP, space must be available both in the classroom as well as in the LEAP program in order for a student to continue in the admissions process.  Until space is available in both, the application will remain in the wait pool. The admissions process will determine if a student is a qualified candidate for our LEAP program.
Do you offer Financial Aid?
GRACE offers tuition assistance. Please visit the "Affording GRACE" page of our website. If you have any further questions, please contact our Finance Department at 919-747-2020 or [email protected]
What curriculum does GRACE use? What academic and elective opportunities does GRACE have? 
To dive deeper into our curriculum, see Academic Overview. Our Academic Dean, Mrs. Julia Taylor is a wonderful resource for any academic or curriculum-related questions. 
Is GRACE associated with any church?
GRACE is an independently owned non-denominational Christian School. Over 80 area churches are represented in our diverse community. Please refer to our Statement of Faith for further information. 
What are your daily and annual schedules?
GRACE Lower Campus Hours are 8:15-3:00 pm and Upper Campus hours at 8:00-3:15 pm. GRACE follows a traditional calendar. For further information, click here.
Is GRACE accredited?
GRACE holds the highest ratings of accreditation by both the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) as well as Cognia (formerly AdvancED). 
In May 2022, GRACE Christian School(GCS) was granted exemplary accreditation from the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) with dual reaccreditation by Cognia. GCS is the 19th school of ACSI’s 2,018 U.S. member
schools and more than 3,000 international schools to receive this designation. GCS’s exemplary accreditation is effective through June 2027.
In addition, 100% of our faculty are certified. GRACE employs great teachers, administrators, coaches, and staff who are passionate about investing their time, talent, and resources into the lives of others on behalf of Jesus Christ. The work is challenging. The responsibility is great. The reward is immeasurable. 


What are the class sizes?
Our average class size on the lower campus is 18/20 students. Our average class size on the upper campus is 20 students. 
Are your TK and Kindergarten programs full day?
Yes, both TK and Kindergarten are full-day programs. 
Does GRACE offer before or aftercare?
Yes! GRACE's before and aftercare programs are staffed and maintained by GRACE employees who are devoted to sharing our mission with students. Traditionally, before care begins at 7:40 am, and aftercare ends at 6:00 pm. Click here for more information on before and aftercare. 
Do you have uniforms or a dress code?
GRACE has a dress code that is designed to serve as a guide for students and their parents on proper attire for the student body. Knowing how to present oneself properly within the school community prepares students for future professional environments. Our desire is to partner with families to instill this important life skill. 
What is your bullying policy?
We do not tolerate bullying. 
Do students attend chapel?
Yes, students attend a weekly chapel.