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Local Missions & Community Service:

Students on the Lower Campus (Kindergarten through sixth grades) are involved in community outreach and missions in a variety of ways. Each homeroom selects a special outreach project for the year for its class. The K-6 Student Council sponsors a number of campus-wide projects, including Operation Christmas Child, a food drive, collection of toys, hygiene items, and other items to give to local or mission groups. Groups of students provide prayer support and write letters for several military personnel and nursing homes.

Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in a fall mission trip and students in 7th and 8th grade have a tradition of participating in a meal packing event with the organization Rise Against Hunger (formerly Stop Hunger Now). High School students participate in an annual Community Service Day and have the opportunity to participate in mission trips. All students offer prayer support for GRACE mission teams.

High School Community Service Graduation Requirement

Graduation Requirement

As a result of the value placed on developing a heart for service, GRACE requires all high school students to complete a minimum of 20 hours of community service each year they attend GRACE. Students are encouraged to exceed this minimum threshold and GRACE will record all community service hours submitted to the office. Cumulative service hours are listed on each student’s official high school transcript to be submitted with college and/or scholarship applications.

Community Emphasis

GRACE encourages students to complete 10 service hours each year outside of our school and the student’s local church. To assist students in achieving this goal GRACE encourages students to expose themselves to local ministries in our community. This site http://activategood.org/ is a hub for organizations needing volunteers and a great resource for GRACE families to find service opportunities in our community.

Service Guidelines

  • NHS Service: NHS students may not double count their required service and tutoring hours to satisfy the NHS requirement of service and the GRACE graduation requirement at the same time.
  • Mission Trips: GRACE encourages students to experience the unique blessings and benefits that come with being part of a missions trip. Students who participate in a missions trip (with GRACE or another organization) may report 8 hours of community service per day of their trip excluding travel days.
  • Receipt of Compensation: For a task to count as service, no monetary compensation can be received for the completion of that task.
  • Serving in the Home: Service inside the home is a wonderful expression of family commitment, however household chores, babysitting, and similar family activities do not count toward the graduation requirement for community service.   
  • GRACE Athletics / Team Managers: Team Managers are recognized as a part of the team they are affiliated with and cannot submit service hours for this role.
  • GRACE Athletics / Volunteering: Students who volunteer to work concessions at games, staff the admissions table, announce, live stream, or run the game clock may receive service hour credit.
  • GRACE Events: Throughout the year, students may have opportunities to earn community service credit by serving at a GRACE event. These opportunities will be communicated to the students as they arise.
  • GRACE Electives: Some fine arts elective classes involve committing to performances/events outside of normal school hours. These events are considered part of the instruction of the class and should not be submitted as service hours.

Documenting Service Hours

To receive credit for hours served, students must submit a Community Service Form to the office for each organization they are serving. Repetitive service for the same organization (weekly volunteering) may be listed on one form with appropriate dates and hours noted and should be submitted in a timely manner. Note: Parents should not sign off as the student’s supervisor for community service.

To check on the number of hours your student has accumulated, access ParentsWeb, click on Family Information,the student’s name and then Service Hours to see the list of hours recorded for both school-sponsored community service days, and additional service hours submitted to the office. For record keeping purposes, community service hours for a given year begins June 1 and runs through end of May each year.


GRACE supports the following ministries on our community service days.  During the year, as we learn of opportunities to serve these and other ministries we will post that information in the GRACE News section of this website.  You can search for all community service opportunities using the category “Community Service.”