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Learning Enrichment and Achievement Program (LEAP)

At GRACE, Students are known, valued, and loved. GRACE created an academic support program called the Learning Enrichment and Achievement Program (LEAP) which offers specialized instruction for a unique group of Students. LEAP is aligned with the GRACE mission statement and core values which assert that the school seeks to equip, challenge, and inspire students to love learning, think critically, and apply wisdom while impacting their world for Christ.

Serving Grades 2-12, GRACE maintains optimal ratios between our Learning Specialists and their Students. The LEAP Team is composed of the LEAP Director, one Learning Specialist on each respective campus, and an assistant. LEAP enrollment is reserved for 10% of the GRACE Student population. In order to effectively carry out LEAP services, it is essential that these ratios not be allowed to erode.

LEAP is exclusively for Students who have been evaluated by a Licensed Psychologist. In order to be considered for enrollment in LEAP, a Psychoeducational Evaluation should reveal a specific learning disability, processing deficit, ADHD, or other condition affecting the ability to achieve academic success at GRACE. Students must be able to participate in the regular classroom setting in all content areas, meet the rigorous academic standards for their grade level using the approved accommodations, and model the GRACE code of conduct. Each case will be carefully assessed and reviewed by the LEAP Team and the Campus Principal.

For more information, please contact:

TK - 6th Grade LEAP Director, Valerie Fielhauer at  [email protected] 
7th - 12th Grade LEAP Director, Kathy Barnes at  [email protected] 

Expected LEAP Student Outcomes

LEAP Students are expected to:

  • Acknowledge and Utilize their God-given Talents/Gifts to glorify God
  • Clearly Understand their Learning Style
  • Develop and Implement:
    • Self-Advocacy & Self-Efficacy Skills
    • Coping Skills & Strategies
    • Executive Function Skills

Program Criteria

  • Acceptance of no more than 10% of the total Student body; 10% per grade level
  • The campus Principal and LEAP Team will determine enrollment and services
  • Current Psychoeducational Evaluation from a Licensed Psychologist
    • Must be updated every 3 years

LEAP Student Enrollment Requirements

  • Current Psychoeducational Evaluation  must encompass a full battery of tests per the Licensed Psychologist (including cognitive & academic performance assessment tools) 
  • Submission of all previous testing materials/services (IEPs, EOGs, PT, OT, etc.)
  • Intelligence Test (IQ or GAI) Scores (must be within or above average range)
  • Academic performance must be no more than 2-grade levels below
  • Documented interventions provided by the Teacher
  • Current GRACE Students: observations performed and reviewed by the LEAP Team

Note: The Learning Enrichment & Achievement Program (LEAP) is available for students in Grades 2-12. If you are interested:

Description of Services & Fees