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GCS Moms in Prayer - 2022-2023 Survey
Did you know our GRACE PTF organizes a weekly "Moms in Prayer" event where the moms of our school can gather to prayer over our students? We'd love for you to be involved. To help the organizers plan for next school year, please let us know through this survey what days/times are most convenient for you. Thank you!

GCS Visited by Educators from the Ukraine

On Friday, GCS had the incredible honor of hosting two remarkable Christian School colleagues from Ukraine. Tatyana Chimakova is a Ukrainian educator and the director of the International Alliance for the Advancement of Christian Education, a group that supports Christian schools throughout Eastern Europe. Tanya Garkun is the director of My Horizons Christian School in Western Ukraine. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Christian schools in that country have been unable to carry on as their communities have been destroyed, families scattered throughout Europe, and all sense of normal obliterated. These educators have spent their mornings teaching and their afternoons protecting, rebuilding, and fighting for their communities. They have suffered horrific loss, persevered through impossible circumstances, and experienced unexpected blessings. Led by Julia Higgins Taylor, GCS has partnered with Tanya’s school to provide digital learning tools, digitally accessible curriculum, and all kinds of tips and suggestions that we learned as a result of over a year of hybrid learning caused by COVID. During their visit, these women shared their stories with our students and staff, heard our third graders pray over them, and watched our lower campus students worship in chapel! It was great to see our students bless them by sharing their joy. We are working to support these ministries through prayers and our professional resources and talents. We also encourage you to support Tanya’s school through PayPal and using the following email address - [email protected].

End of Year Medication Pick-Up

Parents on both campuses must contact Nurse Natalie at [email protected]t to arrange pick up of all medication by the last day of school. Medications left after the last day will be discarded.

ACSI Creative Writing Festival Winners

Congratulations to the following GCS students who placed in the ACSI Creative Writing Festival.

​4th Grade:
Noemi Lormejuste - *Superior
Princess Ugochukwu - Good
Isabella Hopewell - Excellent

5th grade:
Kendall Dewey - Excellent
Sutton Vallecorse - Excellent
Carrington Matics - Good
Maxwell Madison - Excellent

6th grade:
Veda Holland - Superior
Stella Hall - Excellent
Caleb Branam - Excellent
Laila Williams - Excellent

9th grade:
Kate McKinley - Superior
Sage Collier - *Superior

12th grade:
Zoe Chiu - *Superior

*Entry has been tagged as a NOTABLE SUPERIOR and will be considered for the 2022 ACSI International Young Author’s Anthology. 

Lost and Found

Are you missing anything? We have lost items... bottles, lunchboxes, PE clothes, bags, hoodies. If you can’t find an item please send your student to look for it. All items will be donated to a thrift store on May 26. Reminder to please label the inside of bags, boxes, PE clothes and coats with a Sharpie and we will do the best to get them back to you. Upper Campus students can check with Mrs. Cindilee Thorne and Lower Campus students can check with Mrs. Christina Marrow. Have a great summer!!
GRACE is Hiring!
Are you (or is someone you know) interested in working at one of the best schools in the area? GRACE is hiring! We have a handful of positions open for our 2022-2023 school year. Click here to see them. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Megan Brookhart at [email protected]
Upper Campus Exam and Capstone Schedule
GCS has released the exam and capstone schedule for the Spring Semester. You can find it here.

Upper Campus Locker Clean-Out

If you were assigned a locker, please have it totally cleaned out and wiped down by end of school on May 20, 2022. Please ask one of your teachers to check your locker once it is cleared and have them check you off as having a cleaned out locker. If you'd rather have Ms. DeBruhl check you off after school, she is available after 3:30 pm each day. Please email her at [email protected] to let her know what day you will be ready to have your locker checked. If you are not sure if you were assigned a locker, check your schedule on RenWeb, it will be listed there. If you have any question, stop by the front desk or email. Thank you!