Support the GRACE Auction

It’s that time of year when the GRACE auction committee begins to procure items for the annual online auction running from March 22-30. Funds raised from this auction benefit the GCS Annual Fund, which helps provide the needed funding for academic and extracurricular activities for our students. Last year the auction raised over $88,000 which was a record high! Join us in making this auction the best one yet.

Lower Campus Families

This year we are making some changes to how the lower campus creates gift baskets to auction. In previous years we have assigned each classroom a theme. This year, in order to open up more opportunities for families to donate where they feel most comfortable, we have decided to open all themes up to all families. The hope is that each family can use businesses they are familiar with and frequent to ask for donations if possible, or can use personal connections to help fill our baskets. Business owners can donate gift certificates, gift baskets, services, or experiences.  
If you are a vacation homeowner and you would like to donate a weekend or week-long stay at your vacation home, please fill out the Auction Donor Form.   
Additional information for items:
  • Please label all donations with name of basket and value of the item - this is very important!  There is a form attached that you can print and fill out.
  • Have your child bring items in to their homeroom teacher 
  • Tax receipts are available upon request at the front desk with Mrs. Marrow (we have ones for businesses and for personal donations)
  • All items will be collected between January 24 - February 24 
Here are the sign-ups for the lower campus baskets:
Thank you for supporting the GSC Annual Fund with your in-kind donation. The bidding starts March 22! Questions? Contact [email protected] or [email protected]

Upper Campus Families

There are several ways in which to help.
  • Participate in giving a gift card and item (12th grade only) for the grade level gift basket. Click your grade level and sign up for the one you wish to donate.
  • 7th Grade - Amazon Adventures 

  • 8th Grade - Amazon Adventures 2

  • 9th Grade - Family Time: Adventures and Gatherings

  • 10th Grade - Stock Up and Fuel Up! - Wholesale, Gas & Coffee Shop Gift Cards

  • 11th Grade - Shopping Spree 

  • 12th Grade - College Dorm Room Kit - All Things for Dorm Living

  • Business owners can donate a gift certificate, gift basket, service, or experience using the online form below.
  • Vacation homeowners, if you would like to donate a weekend or week-long stay at your vacation home, please fill out the above form. These are usually some of our top-selling auction items. 

Auction Donor Form - Fill out this form for only those donating from a business, vacation property, or as a finished grade-level auction basket. (Individuals giving to the grade level basket do not need to fill this out.)

Additional information on the class basket:

  • Label your donation(s) with the grade level, student name, and value (a dollar amount).
  • Bring all auction donations to the front desk and place them in the "Auction Collection" bin by February 24. 
  • Gift-In-Kind tax receipts are available upon request at the front desk with Mrs. Bostic.