Gearing Up for Summer at GRACE: How to Stay Connected and Keep Learning

While we do miss our students over the summer break, we acknowledge it’s a well-deserved respite for all, but that doesn’t mean learning has to take a backseat. Keep reading on to see how you can get your child plugged in throughout the summer and keep learning on the radar.

Athletics: Sports Camps, Open-Gym, Off-Season Workouts

Summer is a great opportunity for our students to stay connected with friends while they hone their athletic skills. Here are some ways to stay involved through GRACE sports this summer:

  • Ask your children if they’re interested in trying a new sport. A new school year brings new opportunities, and summer is the perfect time to learn new skills and practice them.
  • Create team bonding opportunities through friendly competitions. Encourage your child to organize a friendly neighborhood basketball tournament or have a field day at a local park. Keeping kids active will help prepare them for the in-season demands.
  • Attend off-season workouts and open gym sessions. Throughout the summer, we have many ways to practice your athleticism. Check the calendar for our daily schedule.

Please remember, if you are planning to attend any summer/off-season workouts, you must complete all registration (signed forms and a valid physical on file) before attending a summer session. Safety is always a priority at GRACE Christian!

Activities: Summer Camps

Summer camps are a great way to keep kids preoccupied throughout the day and expand their learning through exploration! If you signed up for a summer camp, make sure to check out the Summer Camp Guide to be extra prepared prior to arrival.

Learning: Reading Lists & College Connections

What better time to get ahead on your required reading than to do it out in the sun? Summer reading lists are up! Click here to see what’s on your list.

High schoolers, are you ready for college applications, school tours, and testing prep? Make sure you’ve read our latest College Connections Newsletter to learn more and access our resources!


Are you looking for other ways to stay up to date with your child’s learning this summer? Read our blog post from last summer for tips and tricks on habit stacking, math drills, and more!



If you’re interested in summer activities or learning tips not listed above, please reach out to us at [email protected].