Get ready for... the GRACE Auction!

Unleashing Generosity: Donate and Bid for GRACE Christian School's Online Auction

At GRACE Christian School, the spirit of giving is taking center stage as we prepare to launch an exciting online auction from March 4 to March 14. This event promises to celebrate generosity, community, and the unique talents that make GRACE exceptional. We invite each of our cherished community members to contribute to this noble cause by donating items or experiences that will make this auction truly remarkable.
Auction Item Collection: January 17 - February 14
How to Contribute:
  • Sign-ups for Lower and Upper Campus: Parents and students can sign up to donate items, artwork, or experiences directly. This allows for a diverse array of contributions that showcase the unique talents and interests within our school community.
  • Purchased Donations: Feel free to purchase an item or experience to contribute to the auction. This opens up the opportunity for everyone to participate, even if they can't personally create an item.
  • Engage Local Businesses: Consider contacting businesses you frequent, such as restaurants, golf courses, salons, spas, fitness centers, or places where your children participate in activities like horseback riding, martial arts, dance, sports, or performing arts. Businesses can play a crucial role in enhancing the variety and quality of items in the auction. 
  • Vacation Homes and Unique Skills: If you are fortunate enough to own a vacation home or possess a unique skill, consider donating that as well. We're looking for items that reflect the unique character of GRACE and it's wonderful community.
How to Procure with Businesses:
  • Pick up an official School Auction Procurement Letter at the front desk of each campus to take to businesses to ask for donations as an official 501(c)(3) organization for tax deductible purposes. 
  • Share the attached PDF letter with businesses when communicating via email. 
Donation Drop-off:
  • Baskets will be placed in Lower Campus classrooms and at the reception desk on the Upper Campus.
  • Label your donation with the student's name, a brief description of the item or experience, and estimated value. 
Lower Campus:
Upper Campus:
Display of Selected Items: February 21 - March 14
Preview the Treasures of the Auction Catalog:
  • Selected items will be showcased in the Lower Campus trophy case from February 21 to March 14.
  • Stop by to check out the fantastic selections and create your list of items to bid on during the online auction.
Online Auction: March 4 - 14
Join the Bidding Frenzy and Start the Bidding:
  • From March 4 to March 14, the GRACE community will be able to participate in the online auction. 
  • Bid on items that catch your eye, secure unique experiences, and contribute to the overall success of this charitable event.
As we embark on this journey of giving, let's come together as the GRACE community and make our online auction a resounding success. Your donations will contribute to the improvement of our school and showcase the diverse talents and generosity that define us. Look for more information coming soon to allow you to start the bidding. 
Let the spirit of giving flourish at GRACE Christian School!
GRACE Auction Committee