Derby Dress

derby galaCome one, come all, to the derby-themed affair,
Where elegance and style fill the air.
It's time to don your finest attire,
For a chance to win, place, or show, set your desire.

Gather 'round, ladies and gents, lend an ear,
For I'll tell you the secrets to make it clear.
First, find a hat, grand and bold,
Adorned with ribbons, flowers, feathers, untold.

A fascinator, perhaps, perched just so,
With whimsical charm, let your ensemble glow.
Choose colors bright or shades sublime,
Let your creativity shine, it's your time.

For the ladies, dresses flowing with grace,
In hues of pastel or vibrant embrace.
Accessorize with pearls or jewels aglow,
Captivate the crowd with your derby-show.

Gentlemen, don your suits with flair,
With vests and ties, show you care.
Add a touch of whimsy, don't be shy,
With patterns bold, catch every eye.

Now, as you step into the gala's domain,
Remember, it's not just about fashion's reign.
It's the spirit of fun, camaraderie in tow,
As we celebrate together, let the good times flow.

So strut your stuff, with confidence and poise,
For in this contest, everyone enjoys.
Win, place, or show, it's all in good fun,
At the GRACE Derby Gala, the race is won!


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