Meet Ryan Armstrong

Q: Tell us a little about yourself. 

A: I was born in Raleigh, but grew up in High Point, N.C. I attended Appalachian State University where I met my wife, Holly. We moved back to the Raleigh area in 2001. Holly and I started GoPlaySave in 2004 and have been working together ever since. We have three children – Cole (20) is at Liberty University. He graduated from GRACE in 2022. Taylor (17) is in 11th grade and Emma Kate (9) is in 3rd grade, and both are currently at GRACE.


Q: How long has your family been a part of the GRACE community?

A: We started when our son, Cole, started Kindergarten, so 15 years.

Q: How long have you served on the GRACE board?

A:  I joined the board in December of 2019, right before COVID.   

Q: What unique perspective or experience do you think you bring to the board?

A:  I feel that I bring a unique perspective to the board because of the amount of time that I have been involved at GRACE. At the time that I started on the board, I had a child in elementary, middle and high school at GRACE.  

Q: Have you been a part of any specific board committee(s)? 

A:  I have worked on both the Strategic Planning and Advancement committee, and the New Land Committee.  

Q: What are some of the ways your family has been involved at GRACE over the years?  

A:  Our company has been a GRACE business partner since 2015. My wife, Holly, has been a part of the PTF since 2010. She had been involved in the classroom serving as a room mom, helping with lunch, teacher/staff coffee carts, spirit events, field day, and other activities. She has also served on the new family welcome committee the past couple of years.

Q: What, in your perspective, makes GRACE Christian School stand apart from other area Christian schools?

A:  Definitely the community. We have made some of our closest family friends through GRACE. We always know that our kids are loved and prayed for at school. There is a unique relationship between the teachers and the students. This is something that I have witnessed several times during my 15 years at GRACE and it is the reason that my family will always be a GRACE family.