GRACE Athletics Names Bobby Houston Head Varsity Football Coach

After an extensive search process, GRACE Christian School is pleased to announce the appointment of former NFL player Bobby Houston Sr. as its next head coach for the varsity football program. Houston, who graduated from NC State as an All-ACC collegiate player, was drafted in the third round of the NFL draft. He spent 10 years in the NFL – five with the New York Jets where he was named one of the top 15 linebackers in the program’s history. 

After retiring from professional football, he helped build high school football programs across the country through his work as a coach and as a speaker. In recent years, he has felt a calling to “bring more souls to Christ while also establishing a winning football program.” 

“I started my journey as a student at a Christian high school and now God has brought me full-circle. I am excited and – I can’t say it enough – humbled,” Houston says. “When I visited GRACE, I noticed how Christian integrity is woven into the fabric of every aspect of the school experience. After speaking with athletic director Chris Stack, and meeting head of school, Eric Bradley, I knew this was the place I wanted to serve.”

Houston’s start date is set for April 2nd. He will spend the first several weeks familiarizing himself with the school and athletics program, as well as meeting with players and families.

“From our very first meeting with Bobby, we knew he would do great things at GRACE. His passion for nurturing well-rounded student-athletes while building relationships and instilling a love of Christ in our students is the same vision we hold in our GRACE Athletics Department,” says Chris Stack, GRACE Christian’s director of athletics. “We are looking forward to building our football program under his leadership.”

Houston and his wife, Sarah, are parents to five children – Taylor, Bobby Jr., Jaylen, Tristan and Arianna. 

“Because of my time in the NFL, I had the good fortune of spending much of my life serving others,” Houston says. “I am truly grateful for my walk with Christ. Every step I have taken, good and bad, has led me here to GRACE Christian.”