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Rent the Rock

The GRACE Eagles Rock (Lower Campus) is now available for rental and painting! For a suggested donation of $25, rent the rock and paint a message of support for a GCS student, teacher, staff member, or event!

When you rent the rock, you’ll select the day you want your message to appear. Your rental starts at 4:00 p.m. the day before so you have time to paint the rock after carpool and it’s ready for the next morning!

We know there are a finite number of dates, and our community's desire to celebrate our school, students and staff could outweigh what's available. As you look to reserve a date, especially in the event your first choice isn't available, we ask that you'd be open to the possibility of celebrating a day or two before or after. You are also more than welcome to share the rock with others. While there is one sign up per date, it is up to you if you'd like to include others!  Please remember this is a first come, first serve opportunity. If you find there aren't any satisfactory dates for your intended celebration, please contact the PTF at [email protected] and we'll do our best to find an acceptable resolution.

Tips for Painting the Rock

    • Please only paint the front of the rock facing carpool line.  
    • Spray paint is helpful to coat the rock. Any color you want for the background works. And if you mess up, just use spray paint to match the background color and paint it again!
    • You can use stencils or sketch your design in chalk first to check sizing and legibility from a few feet away before you paint.
    • Spray paint works well for larger areas.
    • For smaller, more detailed areas, use acrylic paint (or spray paint with stencils). 
    • In case of rain, avoid paints like tempera that easily wash off.
    • Remember to bring different size paint brushes and a cup with water to rinse them.
    • Egg cartons work well to hold different color paints. 

Share Your Design!

After you’ve painted the rock, share your design on Facebook and tag us!