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Current Technology Instruction 

Transitional Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

Faculty use technology as a tool to enhance the curriculum. An iPad cart is available for supporting academic skills as an entire class and for centers.  Students begin to develop a foundational technology skill set with hardware and software, and they are introduced to the basics of digital citizenship, hands-on inquiry, and open-ended exploration through monthly STEM activities.


3rd Grade - 6th Grade 

Students begin to utilize technology more directly with faculty guidance and supervision. They build upon their technology competence by developing and applying digital citizenship and demonstrating a basic understanding of how to create and produce multimedia products. 

3rd Grade

Students learn basic keyboarding skills using the ipad cart once a week for reinforcement of academic skills and directed research on projects. They build on the basics of digital citizenship, hands-on inquiry, and open-ended exploration through monthly STEM activities.

4th Grade - 5th Grade

Students use iPads to expand their keyboarding, digital citizenship, and research skills and are introduced to various software applications such as word processing and presentation software using Google Apps for Education. Monthly STEM activities provide opportunities for hands-on inquiry and open-ended exploration.

6th Grade

Students continue to use the iPad platform and Google Apps for Education in all of their classes. Students may choose to participate in STEM electives.

7th Grade - 8th Grade

In seventh and eighth grades, students learn the Mac platform and operating system. They develop greater independence in research, learn how to evaluate websites and other electronic sources, and continue to build their digital citizenship competencies. Students become more involved in directing their own learning process and selecting multimedia products or applications depending on the desired outcome.  7th grade students are required to take the STEM course.  Students may choose to participate in additional STEM electives.

9th Grade- 12th Grade

High school students use a wide variety of creation and assessment tools to create content­-rich multimedia projects in collaborative environments. As they present information in a persuasive manner, they put into practice the Bloom's Taxonomy levels of analyzing, evaluating and creating. High school students are expected to be good digital citizens, develop media literacy, and learn to evaluate information credibility. Students may choose to participate in STEM electives