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Men of GRACE End of Year Fellowship
Join Men of GRACE on Saturday May 21st from 8 - 9:30 am for donuts, bacon, and bagels. We want to specially invite any dads that are, or will be, NEW to GRACE to join us for fellowship and meet some of the other Men of GRACE. We will meet outside the Upper Campus Student Center by the picnic tables. In the event of bad weather, we will send updates on date/location changes. Please email Shane ([email protected]) & Pete ([email protected]) to confirm attendance. We look forward to seeing you!

ACSI Art Festival Winners

Congratulations to the recent visual arts winners in the 2022 ACSI Art Festival! We had 26 art students in grades 7-12 who placed in the 2022 ACSI Art Festival. Their artworks collectively earned four GOOD White Ribbon Awards, nine EXCELLENT Red Ribbon Awards, and thirteen SUPERIOR Blue Ribbon Awards. Faith Martin’s silk resist painting also won the Best of Show Award. Congratulations GRACE art Students! To see our Upper Campus student's beautiful works, click here. 2022 ACSI Winners.
Faith Martin – “The Emerald Eyes” silk resist painting
Avery Arledge – “Bubble of Many Colors” color photograph 
Madison Barry – “Howling Waves” mixed media artwork 
Lindsey Brookhart – senior portfolio 
Anastasia Kholobayev – “Pink Petals” color photograph 
Ryan Kyritsis – “Space Jam” image manipulation 
Jessica Liu – “Lotus” silk resist painting 
Benjamin Moore – “Fall Design” graphic design
Emily Rhoads – “Portals to the Past” foam carving 
Elle Robinson – “Unsupported” foam carving 
Grace Shibley – “Stormy Seas” mixed media artwork 
Will Walters – “The Tangle” paper quilling 
Caralyn Woodworth – “Sunny Sunflower” color photograph 
Elise Armstrong – "String Art" 
Kylie Bynum – “Gradient City” graphic design 
Melanie Carlson – “Fish Fight” acrylic painting on canvas 
Lena Giuggio – “Sorrow” block print
Elise Hardy – “Colors Interlaced” string art 
Taylor Lanning – “Waiting on Thread” photography
Colton Lehew – “The Essence of Nature” image manipulation 
Giselle Nico – “Pink Collage” magazine collage 
Lauren Wingerd – “Big Mac” tempera painting 
Cayle O’Brien – “Coke Bottle” color photograph 
Bryce Pearman – “The Blues” magazine collage
Eden Quirk – “Colorful Candy Hearts” color photograph
Grayson Sullivan – “Purple Tire” color photograph 

In addition, we had 20 Lower Campus students who received honors, including 6 Excellent, 14 Superior and one Best of Show.
Reagan Pietz - "Pumpkin Patch" watercolor painting  
Caitlin Barry - "Abstracted Playground" tempera painting 
Matthew Gausmann - "Abstracted Playground" tempera painting 
True Hain - "Snowman" chalk pastel drawing  
Kennedy Holladay - "Cupcake" chalk pastel drawing
Kennedy Holladay - "Pumpkin Patch" watercolor painting  
Isabella Hopewell - "Pumpkin Patch" watercolor painting 
Chloe Iuga - "Window to Winter" colored pencil drawing with acrylic paint 
Troy Lewis - "Window to Winter" colored pencil drawing with acrylic paint
Avery McMillan - "Heart" Kwikstix/tempera painting 
Carlee Passey - "Window to Winter" colored pencil drawing with acrylic paint
Arden Smith - "Cupcake" chalk pastel drawing
Madeline Walden - "Window to Winter" colored pencil drawing with acrylic paint
Holland Withers - "Cupcake" chalk pastel drawing 
Sophie Farmer - "Butterfly Name Design" colored pencil drawing
Cole Graves - "Scuba Gear" charcoal drawing with watercolor
Jadyn Popa - "Ornament Reflection" colored pencil drawing
Aubrey Smith - "Ornament Reflection" colored pencil drawing
Cayden Trower - "Falling for Technology" marker drawing
Camryn Weyand - "Ornament Reflection" colored pencil drawing

Lost and Found

Are you missing anything? We have lost items... bottles, lunchboxes, PE clothes, bags, hoodies. If you can’t find an item please send your student to look for it. All items will be donated to a thrift store on May 26. Reminder to please label the inside of bags, boxes, PE clothes and coats with a Sharpie and we will do the best to get them back to you. Upper Campus students can check with Mrs. Cindilee Thorne and Lower Campus students can check with Mrs. Christina Marrow. Have a great summer!!
GRACE is Hiring!
Are you (or is someone you know) interested in working at one of the best schools in the area? GRACE is hiring! We have a handful of positions open for our 2022-2023 school year. Click here to see them. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Megan Brookhart at [email protected]
Upper Campus Exam and Capstone Schedule
GCS has released the exam and capstone schedule for the Spring Semester. You can find it here.

Upper Campus Locker Clean-Out

If you were assigned a locker, please have it totally cleaned out and wiped down by end of school on May 20, 2022. Please ask one of your teachers to check your locker once it is cleared and have them check you off as having a cleaned out locker. If you'd rather have Ms. DeBruhl check you off after school, she is available after 3:30 pm each day. Please email her at [email protected] to let her know what day you will be ready to have your locker checked. If you are not sure if you were assigned a locker, check your schedule on RenWeb, it will be listed there. If you have any question, stop by the front desk or email. Thank you!