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Meet Mrs. Colby Malouf

Mrs. Colby Malouf 
History Teacher
Department of History 
Texas Tech University, BA in History
What's your why?
I started my interactions with our school as a GRACE parent. My children adored attending school each day and their teachers became not only their mentors in their educations, but also like extended family members. Their love of school and love for our teachers spilled over into my life when our youngest child joined the GRACE family, and I wanted to dip my toe back into the teaching pond with substitute teaching. I had taught a number of years previously in Texas but had stayed home until our youngest reached school age. I so loved the learning environment and sense of community that I began substitute teaching every day. In turn, I was hired as a social studies educator teaching exactly what God has meant for my life. I believe that teaching students is Kingdom work and that I am called to do this very work to point others towards Christ while making learning a joy.