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GRACE Christian Prepares the Next Generation: GRACE Teamship Elective

GRACE Christian aims to give students the highest levels of independence, choices in learning, and preparation for what comes after graduation. We’re not just teaching children how to pass tests to get good grades – we’re focused on building character, developing critical thinking skills, and setting students up for success. One elective that’s changing the way students prepare for “real” life is the GRACE Teamship Elective.

Amazing GRACE

A look at what's happening at GCS for the week of April 25, 2022.

April College Connections Newsletter

Each month the College Connections newsletter is designed to equip high school students and their parents with carefully curated resources to make the process of preparing for college and future careers easier.

Ready to serve

Is your high school student looking for a way to fulfill their community service hours? We have a list of opportunities to give back!
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